Yamaha Nippon Gaki No. 60 Classical Guitar

by Keith
(Albuqueruque, New Mexico)

How nice an instrument is the Yamaha Nippon Gaki No. 60 Classical Guitar?

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Yamaha Nippon Gakki No 60 NEW
by: Anonymous

@Guitar Guru. My No 60 has a solid spruce top and it sounds better than many of the US made rubbish guitars. You obviously have limited knowledge about Yamaha guitars. So stop talking rubbish for a change.

Nippon Yamaha no. 60 NEW
by: gregoryw

I took my nippon gakki no. 60 to my luthier and after examining it, he told me in no uncertain terms that the top was indeed a solid cedar top.

Sounds great. And mine isn't trashed. It was a pawn shop find. I paid around $50 for it.

Yamaha Nippon Gaki Classical Guitar NEW
by: Juris Poruks

The Yamaha Nippon Gakki (not Gaki) classical guitar series, Nos. 60, 80, 100, 120 & 150 were manufactured for two or three years in the mid-1960s. They are invariably of laminated construction for the entire body and none the worse for it. They were intelligently conceived and scrupulously produced. The sound and playability can often be outstanding. They can even compare favourably to expensive instruments by famous makers.
Condition can be a real issue with these guitars as, in the past, they were often regarded as knock-about or cheap guitars but I have even handled badly damaged or compromised istruments that play and sound well.
They are not very rare. I don't know how many were built but suspect it would be less than commonly thought. They don't seem to have been a hit in the North-American market probably due to pricing which was not that cheap compared to the American-built classicals; also Yamaha was strict with discounting. Nevertheless, when the major American guitar manufacurers, such as Martin, Gibson, Guild, Harmony, Kay, Favilla et al who had previously been doing a prosperous trade in classical guitars, saw these guitars, they knew their days were numbered.

Yamaha Nippon Gaki No. 60 Classical Guitar NEW
by: Guitar Guru

The Yamaha Nippon Gaki No. 60 was made back in the 1960’s (new models were marketed in 1968). But just because the guitar is old does not mean that it is a quality guitar. Unfortunately this particular model is made all of laminate woods and was one of those guitars that created a bad name for Japanese-made guitars.

If the instrument in question is in good condition it may look good, but it can’t beat a
solid-top model
for tone and resonance. Later models of the Nippon Gaki (No.’s 100 and higher) have a better reputation. No. 100 is made of solid maple and No. 120 comes in solid mahogany and maple models while the No. 150 comes in solid Palisander Rosewood.

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