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The Fret Drifters - Acoustic Guitar Duo 
This acoustic guitar duo performed at Southern Oregon's Got Talent on October 19, 2013. Wow! They are playing Breedlove and Kohler guitars. …

Colbie Caillet - Realize 
10-Year Old discovers Realize by Colbie Caillet on her 3/4 size child guitar The easy chords for this song include the G Chord, D/F# Chord, C9 Chord …

Luka Bloom Acoustic Motorbike 
Luka Bloom's Acoustic Motorbike is my current "go to" song for road trips.

Adele - Someone Like You 
This 8 Year Old discovers Adele's "Someone Like You". She's playing on a Taylor Swift Taylor 3/4 Size Dreadnought . The easy chords for this song …

Jon plays Elton on an Ovation Custom Elite 
Pick and fingers and heart and soul. California native Jon Merriman goes for the melody on his Ovation Custom Elite. I'm looking for a quality …

Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain 
Pretty hard to pick an absolute favorite since I love all styles of acoustic guitar, but as singer-songwriters go, you can't beat Dar Williams. She never …

Queen - Love Of My Life 
Whether you like Freddie Mercury or not, you'd have to agree that this is a great song with some beautiful melodic guitar sounds. I had never heard this …

Kirby Rocks Acoustic Guitar! 
My favorite acoustic guitar player, besides my husband, is Kirby Swinemar. Kirby is an SBIer(Site Build It), SBI instructor and recently split his SBI …

HAPA Performs in Ashland, Oregon Not rated yet
I was recently introduced to HAPA during their performance in Ashland, Oregon on March 13, 2012. I'm not sure what model guitar he plays, but it's certainly …

Tommy Emmanuel - The House of the Rising Sun Not rated yet
Tommy Emmanuel with a haunting version of "The House of the Rising Sun".

Silent Night Acoustic Guitar Not rated yet
Last Christmas, a friend sent me a link to a video, performed by Peter Cooper and Eric Brace. I loved it, and had to learn it. This version of Silent Night …

Best Guitar - Alive Not rated yet
Funk with Stuff Session.

Great Acoustic Guitar Player with Unsurpassed Creativity - Erik Mongrain Not rated yet
Here are 2 of my favorite videos of Erik Mongrain that show of his virtuosity. Both videos show dramatically different styles, so check them both out! …

Simple Pleasures Not rated yet
Forget flamboyant costumes and electronic voice-overs...the talent of SoulePhix is the real deal! With its silky, smooth vocals and mood-melting melodies, …

SKY 70 - Down the Road Not rated yet
Down The Road is an acoustic rock/country song performed by Sky 70 live in 1991. The band Sky 70, an East Coast group, was originally know as Skyband.

John Williams, Farruca in D Not rated yet
Flamenco style guitar songs have to be some of my favorite guitar music ever. Something about their energy always blows me away. While the term “Flamenco” …

John Martyn, Solid Air Not rated yet
British guitarist John Martyn produced an album in 1973 called Solid Air that has been rated as one of the best chill-out albums of all time by Q magazine. …

John Williams, Prelude from Lute Suite 4 by Johann Sebastian Bach Not rated yet
Johann Sebastian Bach (1865-1750) was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist and violinist who’s music has become known around the world. …

Michael Fix - Stringin the Blues Not rated yet
Michael Fix is a contemporary acoustic guitarist and composer from Australia whose work has made it onto my favorite song list. His repertoire includes …

Andy McKee - Drifting Not rated yet
Andy McKee is one of my favourite acoustic guitar players. His style is unique, evoking sounds from his guitar that few can muster. Extraordinary without …

5-Year Old Plays "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash Not rated yet
This video is so inspring! It's joyful to watch and listen to a five year old, with an obvious love for music and deep desire to express himself, playing …

Hallelujah -Jeff Buckley Not rated yet
This is my absolute fave song, ever! It sends shivers up and down my spine every time I listen to it, which I must admit is pretty often :) "Hallelujah" …

Ginnie Ginnie Not rated yet
A song I wrote years ago and recorded about 3 years back. The guitar is one I bought nearly new on eBay for $50. When we moved to Peru last year, we sold …

Jars of Clay's Matt Odmark Award-Winning Acoustic Guitarist Not rated yet
The members of the Christian Band Jars of Clay are all phenomenal musicians. However, Matt Odmark is quite the exceptional acoustic guitarist. In fact, …

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Guitars on Buckingham Palace!! Not rated yet
This was a guitar version of 'God Save the Queen' performed by Brian May (of 'Queen' fame) on the occasion of Her Majesty the Queen's Golden Jubilee in …

405 by Death Cab For Cutie Not rated yet
I love this song. Death Cab have such a way of weaving stories from music. I don't think this is the official video, but I like it well enough. You don't …

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