Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: Masterbilt DR-500M Dreadnought

by Guitar Guru

”Big Beautiful Sound for a Steal!”

The Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500M Dreadnought is a beautiful great acoustic guitar with a subtly sweet tone that belies its large size.

Built on a dreadnought body, the DR-500M is a big guitar that has the deep body and the broad shoulders classic to the dreadnought style. Combining this big deep body with a solid Sitka spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides gives the DR-500 a richly warm and simultaneously subtly sweet sound and loud volume that is perfect for any venue as it will ensure that you get heard.

While the large body may be hard for some musicians to handle, for those who can manage the reach, this one is a great choice. It will hold up well whether regardless of your playing style, though you may need to get heavier strings if you do a lot off pick style playing to avoid any ‘tinny’ overtones. Something else that will hold up well is your pocketbook because the DR-500M is only $499, an incredible value for a guitar of this quality. Epiphone is one of the few guitar manufacturers that can deliver an all-solid wood guitar, quality guitar for such a low price!

If you are going to buy acoustic guitars online, this one will definitely not disappoint. In fact, it has the detail of craftsmanship and quality of construction that one would expect from a far more expensive guitar.

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Oct 22, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Nov 13, 2011
Top Tier Sound on a budget NEW
by: Anonymous

I've owned acoustic guitars for about 40 years. In the last 15 or so I finally could afford what I wanted so I purchased many guitars. For example, I have a Martin D-41, Taylor 914C, and several other upper crust gitfiddles.

However when I go to Guitar Center or other guitar shop I most enjoy looking for those hidden jewels that knock you socks off for a very reasonable price. The Masterbilt series does just that. It has all the sound and playability of higher end guitars. They are very similar in terms of quality to the Elitist line. Unfortunately Gibson all too soon realized they were losing Gibby sales to their Elitists and that just wouldn't do. Hopefully they won't do the same to the Masterbilt line.

Highly recommended!

Sep 05, 2011
Epi Sells Truly Quality Guitars at Bargain Prices!
by: Graham (Edmonton Ab Canada)

You know, recently I've been out to several music stores in the Greater Edmonton area and I've tried out several different instruments by two well-known makers; Epiphone and Washburn. These guys are producing very high quality, easy playing, visually stunning and tonally astounding guitars at prices that were unheard-of only 18 months ago.

They're making all solid wood guitars which rival domestic product costing three to four times as much. No one here can match this feat; not even the 'Godin' family. If Epi continues on this path, the Gibson people have shot themselves in the foot! No sentient human will pay $3,000 merely to have 'Gibson' rather than 'Epiphone' written on the headstock. Even the finish...VERY important...is of superb quality!

They SHOULD sell like hot bread!! If people can just get past their- "Oh, %&#@!! Made in China!"- hang-up, and TRY these things out. One problem: You play one of these, and an hour later, you want to play it AGAIN!

Sep 04, 2011
Big Beautiful Sound for a Steal!
by: Guitar Guru

Big Beautiful Sound for a Steal!

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