Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: Masterbilt EF-500RA

by Guitar Guru

”A Close Match to the Best”

The Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500RA Acoustic Guitar is another all solid wood guitar whose combination of quality craftsmanship and low price will leave you amazed.

At just ~$899, the EF-500RA is truly a steal. This solid premium rosewood guitar with its premium Sitka spruce top combine with the body shape to produce an excellent volume and projection while maintaining a light, almost ethereal tone and resonance. This light woody tone make it a perfect guitar for accompaniment for your own or someone else’s vocals, and the attention to visual detail make this guitar an excellent choice for the performer.

Comparable to the
Martin HD-28
when it comes to tone and styling, the Epiphone EF-500RA produces those recognizably bright Martin tones, but with an airier lightness. This Epiphone EF-500RA, also compared to the
Gibson J-45
, is one-third the price and has “almost” the same sound quality. One real downfall of the Epiphone is that the lower notes can tend to buzz a bit, especially if you like aggressive picking or strumming. But a little tinkering with string weights and bridge pins can take care of most problems, and you will have saved yourself nearly $2,000 in the process.

Epiphone is dedicated to providing great acoustic guitars at the lowest price possible, and the Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500RA certainly lives up to this standard.

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Sep 07, 2011
Epiphone Masterbilt: Excellent Value
by: Graham (Edmonton Ab Canada)

These guitars carry a MSRP of $1,400. Of course, dealers may sell for less. At this pricepoint, Epiphone isn't quite as competitive as they are at entry level, but it IS a pretty instrument for the dollar.

All OTHER points being equal, the prettier one has the edge. In this instance, I feel that the other points are pretty close to equal, so take it from there. Excellent value.

Sep 07, 2011
A Close Match to the Best
by: Guitar Guru

A Close Match to the Best

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