Ive Been Working on the Railroad for Guitar

Here are the chords and lyrics to Ive Been Working on the Railroad for guitar.

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I've Been Working on the Railroad

Chords for this Easy Guitar Song

D Major Chord
G7 Chord
E7 Chord
A7 Chord

Folk Song History

I've Been Working on the Railroad Some of the greatest American folk songs can be traced back to the building of the railroads. America's railroads were built primarily by African-Americans and immigrants, particularly Irish immigrants. It was grueling work and, was no doubt, made more tolerable by the presence of music.

"I've Been Working on the Railroad" may indeed be the best known folk song about the U.S. railway system. In this song, the telling line is "...all the livelong day." These men really did back-breaking work beyond the hours of labor now acceptable in our society.

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