Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs

Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs

Here are some easy acoustic guitar tabs. The songs below require just a few chords, making these child favorites very easy to play!

Need a reminder of how to play some of these easy chords? Check-out my free, printable chord charts!

Tabs for Children

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I've Been Working on the Railroad
4 Chords: D Major, G7, E7, A7
Oh Susannah
3 Chords: A Major, E Major, D Major
When the Saints Go Marching In
4 Chords: A Major, E Major, A7, D Major
Shortenin' Bread
2 Chords: A Major, E Major
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
4 Chords: D Major, G Major, A7, A Major
Hush Little Baby
2 Chords: E minor, A minor
Won't It Be Joyful
2 Chords: D Major, A Major
This Old Man
3 Chords: A Major, D Major, E7

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