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Advice on the Best Acoustic Guitars

Sample questions include:
1. How does one acoustic guitar compare to another?
2. Is this particular guitar worth the money?
3. What is the best beginner acoustic guitar?
4. How do you like this particular acoustic guitar?
5. What do you think of this particular guitar manufacturer?
6. Should I buy my guitar online?

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Takamine Natural Series 
I was reading your info on the Takamine Natural Series and was wondering what you mean exactly when u say they have a high playability and are lively. …

Worn Guitar Frets 
I have a Yamaha 12 string that I have played so much that several of the frets are seriously worn. Is it possible to get replacements?

Yamaha CPX500 vs CPX500 FM OVS 
Can anyone tell me the difference between CPX500 and CPX500 FM OVS? I know one has a maple top but I mean in terms of playability and sound! Obviously …

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: Epiphone AJ-1 
Can you tell me anything about it. Where it was made, price, etc.? David

Washburn Acoustic Guitars: D94 LTD 
I have a Washburn D94 LTD. What can you tell me about this model: price now, where made, what is it made of, etc? Thank you for your time. Mark

Blueridge Buitars: BR40 
I recently purchased on Ebay a Blueridge BR40. It has a black stripe down the center of the back and a larger black stripe down the center of the bottom …

Beginner Guitar for Short Fingers 
I am a 57 year old woman who has decided to finally learn to play the guitar,something I've always dreamed of doing. The problem I'm having, I am 5'2" …

Yamaha Nippon Gaki No. 60 Classical Guitar 
How nice an instrument is the Yamaha Nippon Gaki No. 60 Classical Guitar?

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: Seeking Best Pickup 
I am trying to find the best pickup for my Epiphone Granada-AN guitar. Could you give me an advise? Thanks.

Acoustic Guitar Chords 
I can't find the following chords in your chord chart: Ebdim7, G#dim and E7sus Please let me know how to locate them or if there is a search option. …

Takamine Solid Wood Guitar 
I would like to get a Takamine but have no idea which to get, so I would like to hear your advice. Budget: $450. Seeking Solid Wood Guitar.

Seeking Left-Handed Child Guitar 
Looking for a Baby Taylor, Taylor Swift, left handed guitar, please help!

Rainsong Graphite Guitars 
What do you think of Rainsong graphite acoustic guitars? How does their sound compare to a wood guitar? Thx!

Takamine F-345 
My son just inherited a Takamine F-345 from his uncle, who purchased it in 1977. It just arrived today and is in pristine condition and the pegboard has …

What is a really durable guitar? 
I play out at least 2 times a week and have a 5 piece band. We play Americana/Bluegrass, mostly original. On stage I play a 2007 Martin HD28V , 1986 …

Easy Tabs 
Hi I found your web site to be amazing.. I haven't played guitar since I was 10 years old (27 now). After browsing to your web site I bought a guitar …

Mansfield Guitars 
How good are Mansfield Guitars?

Fender FA-130 Acoustic-Electric Guitar 
Just wondering if you have anything to say about the Fender FA-130 guitar, is it a good beginner set?

Compare Alvarez Guitars to Others 
I have been playing an Ovation 12 string for years. Love the guitar for its sound and action. along with the team I play with. But now I would like a 6 …

Maton Guitars 
Any upcoming reviews on Maton Guitars? Quite possibly the most under-rated guitar on the planet!!

Aria Guitars: AW-20 
Hi, I have some questions. What do you say about Aria acoustic guitars? Are they good? I'm asking for a person who is not a beginner but needs a better …

Mansfield Craftsman Guitar C114 
Just bought an accoustic guitar. Label on inside says "Craftsman Made Mansfield Guitar Model # C114". There is also a sticker on top piece that says made …

Crescent Guitars 
What do you think of this particular guitar manufacturer: Crescent?

Sonoran Acoustic Guitar: Action Adjustment 
What is the correct 12th fret string for my Sonoran Acoustic Guitar?

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