Washburn Acoustic Guitars: D94 LTD

by Mark

I have a Washburn D94 LTD. What can you tell me about this model: price now, where made, what is it made of, etc?

Thank you for your time.

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Hit this Site found my wanted infor NEW
by: Shawn

I have been missing the sound of a box last week luck was with me when I noticed a couple on the roadside with a few 4-sale signs catching my eye Guitar $20.00 so I checked it out of course strings were dead but neck was good and the action great only $14.00 dollars cash on me finished my bike ride holding on to my new friend.Because the tone reminds me of my hummingbird a bit deeper tone as far has memory serves I found your site confirming my score although not like a friend back in the late 60's scoring a 58 Les Paul for 10.00 the timing was right cuz i was missing the sound a electric can't make THANK YOU & a quote What is music

Washburn D94LTD NEW
by: Anonymous

I had mine given to me by my cousin. They do age well and sound great. Mine has held up well for me for over 15 years of moderate (1-3 times a week for about an hour each time) use. I take care of her, keep her clean, and polished. Love the sound after I get a new set of strings and she's all detailed. Bright, full warm sound.

Washburn D94 NEW
by: Graham

I had one of these guitars. These were made when solid top guitars cost MONEY. They age nicely. Today, there are solid top and ALL solid wood guitars for about the same price as these cost NEW in the mid 90's. And that's in inflated dollars. Sounds like you have the de luxe model. Lucky you!

Washburn Acoustic Guitars: D94 LTD NEW
by: Guitar Guru

The Washburn D94 LTD is a well-made model. It comes with a solid spruce top and laminated mahogany back and sides as well as a rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

The limited editions have an inlay at the 17th fret. It is manufactured in Japan though, according to Washburn it is handmade “in the Washburn tradition.”

This particular series was made in 1994 and was originally priced at about $700 though it is no longer being produced. The D94 LTD ages very well and develops a sort of golden patina to it that gives it a mellowed vintage look. If you treat her right she should give you years of service!

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