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Purchasing one of the high-end quality acoustic guitars can be quite the leap of faith. It is understandable that you may be hesitant about spending as much as $5,000 on a new guitar, so we have put together a list of models that meet all of our specifications for quality of build, awesome tone and ease of playability.


Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage VOS

Gibson Hummingbird The Gibson Hummingbird True Vintage VOS is probably one of the best known and best loved acoustic guitar models of all time. Built to pay tribute to the original 1960 Gibson Hummingbird, this instrument is a true work of art. Built on a dreadnought body with a premium Sitka spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the Hummingbird has a decidedly woody tone that puts you in mind of the days of flower power, fringed vests, and the very best that folk music had to offer. And at ~$3,899 it may not be a cheap guitar, but it is well worth the investment.


Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage

Gibson SJ-200 True Vintage The Gibson SJ-200 is the guitar model that you see in so many of the singing cowboy movies of the 1930’s. Today this model is preferred not only by country singers, but by rock musicians as well. Built on a super jumbo body with solid Sitka spruce top and AAA Flame Maple back and sides, the SJ-200 is a big guitar and definitely one of the quality acoustic guitars that should be on everyone’s wish list. At ~$4,899 this may not be an inexpensive guitar, but the expansive tone and pure volume definitely make this worth the price.

Martin 000-42

Martin 000-42 Built on an auditorium 000 body, the Martin 000-42 is a curvy little number with a sound that belies its small, comfortable size. Crafted with a solid Sitka spruce top and a solid Indian rosewood body, it looks just as beautiful as it sounds, and at ~$4,899, this is the perfect choice for those who want the quality of the Gibson SJ-200 but in a package that is easier for smaller players to handle.

Breedlove Northwest Classic

Breedlove Northwest Classic The Breedlove Norwest Classic is a true work of art. Built on a dreadnought body with a solid spruce top and solid myrtlewood body, the Northwest Classic has a pure, woody tone that will absolutely take your breath away. At ~$4,686, it may be at the upper-end of the quality acoustic guitars list, but it has definitely earned its position there. While not quite as folksy sounding as the Hummingbird, the Northwest Classic has a more subtle flavor that is unique only to itself.

Taylor Koa Series DN-K

Taylor Koa DN-K The Taylor Koa Series Dn-K is a real beauty. It has a solid Sitka spruce top and Hawaiian koa back and sides. The use of the exotic koa gives the DN-K a tone that can only be described as richly sweet; the sound of honey being played. There really is no other guitar that you can compare it to for sound; its volume is just as broad and deep as the Hummingbird though its tone is less whimsical. But not only is this a truly unique sounding dreadnought, it is also a stunningly beautiful piece which, at ~$3,149 you will be proud to own.

Gibson Blues King Acoustic-Electric

Gibson Blues King Probably one of the most recognizable guitars in existence, the Gibson Blues King Acoustic Electric is a tribute to the 1930’s original with replication so exact that you will swear you’re holding the original in your hands. Built on the L-00 guitar, the Gibson Blues King has a shallow body and small curvy shape that make it incredibly comfortable to hold and handle. Not only is it easy to play, it also has the warm, balanced tone that only a solid spruce top and bubinga body can lend.

Martin D-28

Martin D28 The Martin D-28 is a dreadnought that stands out from the crowd. With a solid Sitka spruce top and East Indian rosewood back and sides, this is an instrument that will really wow the crowds with its resonance and energy and will definitely not disappoint no matter what your playing style happens to be. Also, at ~$2,299, the D-28 is one of those high quality acoustic guitars that you will be proud to own.


With so many choices available in this price range, it is going to be a tough call as to which make and model best suit your needs and playing style. Hopefully this list has given you a place to start in regards to choosing one of the high quality acoustic guitars available and making it your own.

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