Left Handed Guitars Are Ideal for All You Lefties!

If you are left handed and are looking to take-up the guitar, choosing from the left handed guitars available may be the solution for you.

Alvarez RD16L
Alvarez RD16L, ~$175
Ibanez SGT120LNT Sage Left-Handed
Ibanez SGT120LNT Sage Left-Handed, ~$199
Alvarez RD410L
Alvarez RD410L, ~$289
Ibanez AW300 Artwood Left-Handed
Ibanez AW300 Artwood Left-Handed, ~$299

Takamine G340LH Left-Handed
Takamine G340LH Left-Handed, ~$169
Takamine Jasmine S33LH Left-Handed
Takamine Jasmine S33LH Left-Handed, ~$249
Seagull Original S6 Left-Handed
Seagull Original S6 Left-Handed, ~$429
Taylor Acoustic Guitars: Baby Taylor Left-Handed
Baby Taylor Left-Handed, ~$299

Fender CD100 Left- Handed
Fender CD100 Left- Handed, ~$229
Yamaha Acoustic Guitars: FG720SL Left-Handed Folk
Yamaha Acoustic Guitars: FG720SL Left-Handed Folk, ~$329
Taylor Acoustic Guitars: 110 Left-Handed Dreadnought
Taylor 110 Dreadnought Left-Handed, ~$599
Taylor Acoustic Guitars: 114 Grand Auditorium Left-Handed
Taylor 114 Grand Auditorium Left-Handed, ~$649

Taylor Acoustic Guitars: 214GL Grand Auditorium Left-Handed
Taylor 214GL Grand Auditorium Left-Handed, ~$799
Martin Backpacker Left-Handed
Martin Backpacker Left-Handed, ~$199
Martin D15 Left-Handed
Martin D15 Left-Handed, $999
Martin D18 Left-Handed
Martin D28 Left-Handed

Martin D35 Left-Handed
Martin D35 Left-Handed, $2,299
Martin Custom D Left-Handed
Martin Custom D Left-Handed, ~$999
Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought
Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed, ~$79

Myth vs. Reality

Did you know that the National Institute of Sports and Physical Education in Paris released a study whose results said that left handed people have faster hand-eye coordination with their right hand than right handed people have with their right hands? That’s right – a left-handed person’s reflexes are better. This means that they can excel at things that are a struggle for many right handed people to achieve; like playing piano or guitar!

So, in spite of any rumors to the contrary, you can learn how to play the guitar if you are left handed and, in all honesty, it really is no more difficult to learn to play the guitar as a leftie than as a righty.

Besides that, if you look at the names of some of the most famous guitarists, you’ll see what I mean. Names like; Jimi Hendrix, Elliott Easton, Paul McCartney, Dick Dale, Kurt Cobain, Tony Lommi, Bobby Womak, Bob Geldof, Alan and Robin Campbell. They jump out at you, and all of them are left handed!

No surprise, right handed people are still in the majority, leaving players of left handed guitars with questions and issues to address.

Should a Beginning Acoustic Guitarist Buy a Left Handed Acoustic Guitar?

Learning to play the guitar takes an investment of time and money. Learning to play even a very basic guitar is going to cost you at least $100 plus guitar lessons. Given that a left handed acoustic guitar costs more money than their right handed counterpart, is it worth it for a left handed beginning guitarist to outlay the extra money for a left handed guitar?

One of the first things to consider; just how left handed are you? There are some people who are hopelessly left (or right) handed. They cannot, for the life of them, get their non-dominant hand to do tasks that take fined-tuned motor skills. If this describes you, then you may very well want to consider a left handed guitar so that you do not give up in frustration after the first few lessons.

But before you do any purchasing, you may want to try-out both left handed and right handed guitars to see which is more comfortable for you. You may be surprised (given the greater dexterity of left handed people) to discover that either hand is comfortable for you.

Here’s another consideration … If you learn to play on a left handed guitar, you will most likely be limited to playing on left handed guitars indefinitely. So if you want to play but don’t have your own guitar with you, what will be the odds of someone else having a leftie? Pretty slim.

How do you Convert a Right Handed Acoustic Guitar into a Leftie

If the cost of purchasing a left handed guitar is giving you pause, there is always the choice of converting a right handed acoustic guitar into a left handed acoustic guitar. This is done by replacing the nuts and, at least for acoustic guitars, altering the bridge so that you get the correct intonation. This is best done by a luthier who knows what they are doing and may cost a few hundred dollars to have it done right (in addition to the initial cost of the guitar itself). But it can make the difference between settling for an expensive (left handed) guitar you didn’t really want and being able to comfortably play the style and model of guitar you prefer.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Left Handed Acoustic Guitar?

One of the first things you should know about left handed acoustic guitars is that they are, almost without fail, more expensive than right handed guitars; sometimes considerably more expensive. Also, not all companies make left handed guitars, and those that do may only make lefties in a limited number of styles. This means that you will not necessarily be able to purchase the guitar that you were hoping for or, if you do, that you may have to ransom your firstborn in order to be able to afford it.

And the Winner Is?

So now you know that even if you are left-handed, you can learn to play the guitar. In fact, given your superior hand-eye coordination, you can probably learn to play a guitar that is geared for right handed people (which really would make your life easier). You’ve even learned about methods for converting a far less expensive right handed guitar to serve as a left-handed guitar. But somehow, you still like the idea of owning an honest-to-goodness left-handed guitar, something that lets the whole world know that you’re a leftie – and proud of it!

If you’d still like to explore the world of acoustic guitars designed with the left handed player in mind, stick around! All the information you need is right around the corner.

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