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Chances are that if you are looking to buy one of the acoustic guitars for sale online you’ve already checked out any number of websites. From private listings on websites like Craigslist and eBay to the dozens of online music stores where you can purchase a new or used acoustic guitar from their store inventory, the choices for purchasing a guitar online seem to be endless. So, why should you consider purchasing your next acoustic guitar from one of the acoustic guitars for sale on

How Amazon Works

Only the largest Internet Marketplace ever, Amazon carries just about anything that you could possibly consider wanting to buy (and probably a few things you never imagined or ever wanted). Being a marketplace, Amazon is open to three kinds of sellers; professional retailers (who own their own business and have an online presence of their own but who sell on Amazon in order to boost their sales and visibility), private sellers who are looking to sell a product themselves, and Amazon, which sells an incredibly huge number of items itself, many of them recognizable brands and most of them at prices that are competitive with the online retailers that sell the same products. So, what is it about Amazon that draws so many buyers, and what do they have to offer you, especially when it comes to purchasing your next acoustic guitar?

The Pros of Shopping on Amazon

Competitive Pricing and Ease of Comparison. While it is easy enough to skim through various sites to do comparison shopping, it is far easier to simply type the product you are looking for into Amazon to see the acoustic guitars for sale. Then, see the number of items that come up and compare the prices that Amazon charges as compared to the various retailers and private sellers listed on their site. This can save the purchaser a great deal of time and energy when they are looking to make a new acoustic guitar purchase, especially if they already know exactly what guitar they want.

A-Z Guarantee Protection. It is true that there are a number of advantages to purchasing one of the acoustic guitars for sale on Amazon. While many people may be wary about purchasing online, when you purchase your acoustic guitar by using Amazon’s shopping cart payment method, the buyer automatically qualifies for the Amazon A-Z Guarantee Protection. This protection guarantees that the quality of the item that you purchase from one of the Amazon Marketplace sellers (whether a private seller or a retailer) will be of the quality described and will be delivered in a timely manner. Whereas when you purchase one of the acoustic guitars for sale through the website of the retailer or contact the individual seller directly, they cannot guarantee your purchase.

Availability. When you are looking to purchase acoustic guitares for sale online you want to make sure that the item you are looking for is available. This is another thing that Amazon has going for it; sheer numbers. If you are looking for a specific model and you find a match, chances are that you will not just come up with one available model, but a good number of them. This means that you have a better chance of the guitar you are looking for actually being in stock. In fact, when you are shopping for acoustic guitars for sale through Amazon, one of the first things you will notice is that Amazon acts as ‘retailer’ for a good number of the guitars that are available through their site. And, even though they may not have the depth of selection that the smaller companies selling through Amazon have, if you find a match the chances of that model being available are far greater than at the smaller stores.

Amazon’s Awesome Return Policy. It is understandable that you may be concerned about purchasing an instrument online. But that is another one of the great things about buying one of the acoustic guitars for sale through Amazon. If Amazon is the retailer (seller) that you choose to purchase from, they have a fantastic return policy that is comparable to any other online store. This policy gives you the flexibility to be able to return your product for a full refund or exchange within the time specified if it does not meet your specifications, or even if you simply change your mind.

The Cons of Shopping on Amazon

Depth of Selection. If you are looking to purchase a new acoustic guitar and have done your homework, you will probably have noticed that Amazon does not seem to carry the depth of selection that you’ll find in an online retailer. While there are literally thousands of acoustic guitars for sale on Amazon, they rely on those guitars that the retailers and independent sellers are looking to list. These are usually those guitars that are the most popular or least expensive. This is one of the reasons some people prefer to shop at the smaller stores than through Amazon, especially if they are looking for specialty guitars or unusual makes or models.

Lack of Knowledgeable Staff. Shopping on Amazon for acoustic guitars for sale is great – IF you know what you’re looking for. But if you have questions regarding a particular acoustic guitar; say it’s attributes or playability, you are going to have a difficult time finding anyone to answer your questions. The Amazon customer service staff will know all about sales, return and refund policies. But the chances of the person you’re talking to actually knowing specifics about the guitar in question (other than what is written on the website) are slim to none.

What Does This Mean For You?

Acoustic Guitars for Sale Understanding the pros and cons of shopping on Amazon will help you to decide whether or not purchasing one of the acoustic guitars for sale on Amazon is the right choice for you. Keep in mind that just because a retailer is not listed on Amazon does not mean that they are not a reputable retailer. In fact, while it is understandable why a private seller would choose to sell their item on Amazon (far greater visibility), there has been quite the heated debate over whether having a presence on Amazon helps or hinders a retailer who already has an online presence; a website of their own.

Clearly having acoustic guitars for sale on Amazon will boost one’s revenues. But will the sales that you bring in be at the expense of traffic to your own website? There are those who weigh in on either side of the question. But the fact remains that there are far more acoustic guitars for sale available on the Internet than you will find just on Amazon.

But if you know what you are looking for – or even if you have a fairly good idea of what sort of acoustic guitar you are looking to buy and want the convenience of knowing that you are going to get the product that is advertised, then you can trust Amazon to provide you with a great selection of acoustic guitars to choose from at prices competitive to other online stores. And if you choose to purchase a product directly from Amazon and not from one of their marketplace dealers, you have all sorts of other options available to you that can make your shopping experience that much smoother.

So while ultimately the choice of whether or not to purchase your next acoustic guitar from, knowing a bit about how the company works and what kind of service you can expect to get can help you determine if getting your acoustic guitar from Amazon is the right choice for you.

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