Travel Guitar Review and Recommendations

For this travel guitar review, there are a handful of good-sounding, good-quality travel-sized acoustic guitars to recommend. And several small model acoustic guitars also make a good acoustic travel guitar.

If size is not an issue, consider a guitar from the Martin X series. The Martin X series guitars have High Pressure Laminate bodies (HPL) that give it excellent durability. Best of all, you get the sound of a full-sized guitar (and a Martin at that) for a good bit less than most solid bodied guitars.If size is an issue, consider either a Martin Little Martin or a Taylor Baby Taylor.

• The Martin LXM Little Martin is small, lightweight and has the classic looks of a regular Martin guitar as well as a sound to match. It has a solid spruce top, which gives it an excellent tone, but its HPL body will stand up to lots of wear and tear. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced, so it won’t break the bank!

• The Taylor Baby Taylor is another highly portable guitar model. Incredibly well-built, the Taylor Baby Taylor has sapele or mahogany laminate back and sides as well as the choice of a solid Sitka spruce or mahogany top. The richness of the Baby Taylor’s tone far outweighs its light weight and small construction and it is surprisingly affordable for a guitar of this quality.

• If humidity and rough treatment are not a problem you can look into a Washburn B52SW. The B52SW is a solid wood travel sized guitar, which gives it an incredibly rich sound, but being of solid wood construction it is far more vulnerable when it comes to temperature and humidity changes.

Sturdy Travel Guitars

If you are looking for a travel guitar that you can take backpacking or camping and that will fit into a backpack easily, then consider the Washburn Rover or the Martin Backpacker.

• The Washburn Rover is a full-length guitar that has a reduced size body to make it slim and light enough to carry. Its sound is fairly well-rounded for the size and weight, and it is highly durable.

• The Martin Backpacker is an excellent choice if you want a small acoustic guitar with a surprisingly good sound. Made to stand up to the stresses of the out-of-doors, the backpacker can be taken just about anywhere.

As you can see, there are a number of choices when it comes to travel guitars. Which type of travel guitar review you chose will depend to a great extent on your means of transportation and what sort of conditions the guitar is going to be subjected to. However, with a little research and foresight, you should be able to choose the perfect travel guitar to accompany you anywhere you wish to go.

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