Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Free Acoustic Guitar Lessons Seeking free acoustic guitar lessons?

Lesson #1 - Choosing the right guitar for you, selecting a child guitar, review parts of a guitar, learn how to sit and how to tune your guitar

Lesson #2 - How to read a chord diagram, review 3 basic chords (C chord, D chord, G chord), learn strumming patterns and how to play Bob Marley's Stir It Up

Lesson #3 - How to play 3 chords: C Major, F Major, G Major, and The Beatles A Hard Day's Night

Beginners ... below are more easy songs! Watch the instructional video clip, learn each chord and strum pattern.

Lesson #4 - Get Back, by The Beatles
2 Chords: A Major, D Major
Video Lesson from YouTube
Chords, Tabs and Lyric

Lesson #5 - A Horse with No Name, by America
2 Chords: E minor, D6/9
Video Lesson from YouTube
Chords, Tabs and Lyrics

Lesson #6 - Time of Your Life (Good Riddance), by Green Day
4 Chords: G Major, C6add9, D Major, E minor
Video Lesson from YouTube
Chords, Tabs and Lyrics

Lesson #7 - Free Fallin', by Tom Petty
3 Chords: D Major, Dsus4, Asus4
Video Lesson from YouTube
Chords, Tabs and Lyrics

Looking for easy acoustic guitar tabs for children? Check-out these free, printable guitar songs that appeal particularly to kids!

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