Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars: Guitar Packs Under $200

If you are just starting out as a guitarist, choosing one of the best beginner acoustic guitars in a pack can be a godsend. Not only do you get a guitar, you also usually get a bunch of cool accessories like an extra set of strings (in case yours break), a guitar strap, picks, a gig bag or even an instructional DVD. A guitar "pack" can make an excellent gift for birthdays or holidays or just for yourself if you want to give guitar playing a try.

Unfortunately, not all packs of beginner acoustic guitars are created equal. While you can get a beginner guitar pack for under $100, the quality of the guitar that comes with the kit is usually abysmal. With that in mind, we have selected the best guitar for beginners packs (with prices between $100-$199).

Recommended Guitar Pack Under $200

Epiphone AJ-220ST

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars

The Epiphone AJ-220ST is a great choice for the would-be guitarist - the best of the best beginner acoustic guitars! Costing just $199, you not only get an Advanced Jumbo guitar (which means that it is larger on the bottom half than it is on the top half) you also get a built-in tuner, a wall hanger (so you can display your guitar) and a 3-hour DVD to help you get started. While there are other guitar packs that cost the same price as the Fender (most notably the Fender DG-8S), the guitar that comes with the Epiphone beginner pack sports a richer, more full-bodied sound than other best beginner guitar acoustic guitars packs in this price range. Notably, it comes with a solid spruce top, which is a must for those who want to give themselves the best advantage when they start playing. The mahogany body provides a warm mid-range tone while the solid spruce top helps deliver strong higher tones. In comparing the Epiphone AJ-220ST with same-priced Fender DG-8S, the Epiphone has the Advanced Jumbo body, solid spruce top and mahogany body, whereas the Fender has a Dreadnought body, solid spruce top and spruce body. Both are decent guitars for the price and compete neck-to-neck for “best acoustic guitar pack” status... (read complete review)

Other Beginner Packs Under $200

Fender DG-8S

Fender DG-8S Value Pack The Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Value Pack is not a bad deal for a beginner’s acoustic guitar pack. In fact, it is a close 2nd to the "best" of the best beginner acoustic guitars. Not only do you get a Fender dreadnought guitar with a solid spruce top (a definite plus for any beginner’s acoustic guitar), you also get a chromatic tuner, extra strings, a string winder, shoulder strap, a variety of picks and an instructional DVD. For a solid top guitar, the DG-8S is a steal. The guitar that comes with this kit is surprisingly good for the price, and has a pretty decent volume which is great for when you want to be heard! That said, you may need to make some adjustments to the strings when you get it (it ships all the way from China). You may, however, have to use that chromatic tuner a good bit as it does tend to go out of tune fairly quickly, but not more so than other guitars in this price range. Once you have it set up and running, you won’t be disappointed.... (read complete review)

Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe

Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe Pack The Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Pack is a solid choice if you are looking for a solid spruce top best beginner acoustic guitars pack and, at $199, is actually quite affordable as well. The guitar that comes with the Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Pack is built on the Yamaha FD01S body and is of fairly good quality (though for an extra $100 you could have the Epiphone Dove, which is an acoustic guitar that even the guitar reviews, would recommend buying). The Yamaha GigMaker, however, isn’t just about the guitar; it is also about the accessories. It comes with a (modest) instructional DVD, extra strings, a guitar strap, picks, a digital tuner, and even a gig bag (though the bag is not very good quality). While the tone of the GigMaker guitar is quite full-bodied, the strings do tend to buzz a bit, and while this can be corrected, it can be rather annoying. But for a beginner’s acoustic guitar, the Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe Pack is a solid choice... (read complete review)

Epiphone PR-150

Epiphone PR-150 Value Pack The Epiphone PR-150 Acoustic Guitar Value Package may not include the best quality guitars of the best beginner acoustic guitars choices, but it does cost $30 less than its sister pack (the Epiphone AJ-220ST). The difference in cost is due mainly to the fact that the PR-150 does not come with a solid top guitar, but rather its laminate equivalent. As best beginner acoustic guitars packs go, it is not a bad offer, because for just $169 you not only get the guitar, but also a gig bag, a pitch pipe, a guitar strap, picks and a CD-Rom to help walk you through learning to play your guitar. Like the Yamaha, the strings of the PR-150 tend to buzz a bit until you adjust them (and/or replace them with heavier strings) but once you do, the guitar turns out to have a rather sweetly pitched tone and, for the price, you are really not getting a bad deal at all... (read complete review)

Yamaha GigMaker

Yamaha Gigmaker Pack The Yamaha GigMaker Acoustic Guitar Pack (not to be confused with the Yamaha GigMaker DELUXE Acoustic Guitar Pack) is a good first step for those interested in learning how to play the guitar. For just $159 you not only get a good acoustic guitar, but also a gig bag, guitar strap, extra strings, a digital tuner, picks, and a (modest) DVD to help you get started. So what makes this different than the Yamaha GigMaker DELUXE Acoustic Guitar Pack? It is the guitar itself, which instead of being a solid top is made of all laminates. While it is still a nice-sounding guitar, it does not have the depth of tone of its solid-top cousins, though for its price range it’s not a half-bad sounding guitar, and should serve you well to get started with... (read complete review)


While these are by no means the only best beginner acoustic guitars packs out there, this should give you an idea of where to start looking and what sorts of beginner acoustic guitars packs there are available. Yet, if you want to really commit yourself, spending a little extra on a better quality solid-top guitar (and buying the accessories separately) best acoustic guitars may be in your best interest further down the road. So, choose yourself a great acoustic guitar, and take your first step on the road to becoming a guitarist!

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