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Washburn Acoustic Guitars are a major part of American musical history. To own and play one is not only a solid choice when considering quality and price, but it’s like having a little piece of American History for your very own. To ignore Washburn when listing great American guitar companies is to miss out on a large part of America’s guitar history.

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Washburn Rover Travel
Rover Travel
Washburn WD100DL Dreadnought
WD100DL Dreadnought
Washburn WD10S Dreadnought
WD10S Dreadnought
This travel guitar, small enough to fit in airplane overheads, includes a case, instructional CD ROM, 3 picks and a strap! The mahagony top on this all-laminate, inexpensive beginner guitar gives it a warm sound. Gig bag included. Solid spruce top beginner guitar at a rock-bottom price! Case sold separately.

Washburn WD15S Dreadnought
WD15S Dreadnought
Washburn WG16S Grand Auditorium
WG16S Grand Auditorium
Washburn WD 25S Dreadnought
WD 25S Dreadnought
Solid Sitka spruce top guitar for beginners. Mahogany sides and back product deep, warm tone. Solid cedar top guitar with vibrant sound. Plain styling. Solid Sitka spruce top and beautiful rosewood back and sides. Excellent quality.

Washburn R314KK Parlor
R314KK Parlor

Washburn WD35S

Washburn WD160SW Dreadnought
WD160SW Dreadnought

Parlor guitar perfect for young or small guitarists. Solid spruce top. Quality, solid top guitar at bargain price. Top quality, all-solid wood guitar for a cheap price. Deep tone and rich resonance.

Washburn D64SW Dreadnought
D64SW Dreadnought
All-wood guitar with incorporated tuning system. Quality guitar at affordable price imported from China. Gig bag included.

Rooted in the Windy City

Washburn Acoustic Guitars first began making guitars in Chicago in 1883. But believe it or not the company did not begin in Chicago as you may have thought, but rather as an idea in the mind of a Boston Music Publisher.

Washburn Acoustic Guitars

The America of the 19th Century was a different place than the America of today. Without television and movies; without computer games and arcades, the American public got its entertainment through more simple means; like music. Musical instruments of all kinds provided entertainment for individuals, families and communities alike. Many of those instruments were bought not through instrument retailers, but in the stores of music publishers.

One such publisher, the Oliver Ditson Co. in Boston operated a great many such stores all up the East Coast and, as the pioneers pushed westward, the Oliver Ditson Co. decided that they should open a store in the West, specifically in Chicago.

George Washburn Lyon and Patrick Joseph Healy settled on a location for their new publishing house and musical instrument factory just a few blocks from Maxwell Street, a place that was soon to become the focal point of Delta Blues, a musical style that would completely change the face of American music, and Washburn Guitars was right in the thick of it.

As with most guitar factories, the Great Depression took its toll on sales, and for all intents and purposes, died-out during WWII. The name, however, made a comeback during the 1960’s as a line of affordable imports as opposed to being a home-grown guitar builder.

Today Washburn is noted for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship, and they are endorsed by both amateur and professional musicians as a quality guitar that lives up to its reputation.

Washburn Artists

Some of the most notable players of Washburn Acoustic Guitars include names like Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Robert Plant, not to mention more contemporary players like Stu Hamm, George Lynch, James Malone and Paul Stanley of Kiss fame. These musicians and many more have opted to play Washburns because they believe in the quality and performability of the instruments that Washburn creates.

Most Popular Washburn Acoustic Guitars

One thing Washburn prides itself on is its ability to offer top quality guitars at some of the lowest prices in the market, making Washburn an awesome choice for the beginning acoustic guitarist. The D10S, for example, was named by Acoustic Guitar Magazine as the best guitar under $500, which is nice, but the D10S doesn’t cost $500. In fact, this solid top guitar retails for $200-$300, making it a great choice for a beginning guitarist.

The Washburn D52SW Timbercraft is another top quality Washburn guitar with qualities, such as solid top/sides/back, that would normally cost over $1,000 from other guitar manufacturers. But this Washburn is available for about $699.

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Washburn Acoustic Guitars: Rover Travel 
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Washburn Acoustic Guitars: WD100DL Dreadnought 
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