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Not every guitar is inspired by a surfing trip to Mexico, but Breedlove Guitars can make that claim.

Breedlove Guitars Passport D200/SMP
Passport D200/SMP
Breedlove Guitars Passport C200/SMP
Passport C200/SMP
Breedlove Guitars Focus
Quality beginner guitar with solid spruce top. No pickguard Easy-to-handle, top beginner guitar with solid spruce top. Concert-sized, all solid wood guitar. Compare to Taylor guitars!

Breedlove Guitars Focus Premier
Focus Premier
Breedlove Guitars Northwest Classic
Northwest Classic
Dreadnought version of Focus. All solid wood, quality guitar with incredible full-bodied tone All solid wood, concert guitar. Myrtlewood body from Northwest forests

From Surfer Dude to Super Luthier

While Breedlove may be produced in Bend, Oregon, their beginnings lie far to the south and in a far warmer climate. Kim Breedlove was on a surfing trip in Mexico when he decided that his life calling was to build stringed instruments. In1974, he breathed life into his dream by teaching himself how to build the instruments and accumulating the tools he needed to become a top-notch luthier.

Breedlove Guitars While it was Kim Breedlove who came up with the idea of Breedlove Guitars, the Breedlove Company was actually founded in 1990 by Kim’s brother, Larry Breedlove and a good friend, Steve Henderson who formed a partnership to create the Breedlove Guitar Company. Kim is still with the company as a master luthier, though he does not take a part in the business aspects of the company.

Once the company was established, Breedlove focused on developing instruments that they could sell to the public, using creative shapes and unusual woods to make their instruments. One of Breedlove’s signature concepts is to use only woods from their native Oregon whenever possible in creating their instruments. While some of the Breedloves are made using imported woods, most Breedlove instruments are made using Myrtle, Sitka Spruce and Walnut woods from the forests of the Pacific Northwest.

Breedlove Artists

The warm rich tones of Breedloves lend themselves well to accompanying singers. Some of the best names in acoustic guitar world play Breedloves. Artists such as soloist Richard Gilewitz, Grammy Award winning artist Ed Gerhard, Franchot Tone, Jeff Harding, Jon Shumaker, Fall Back Plan, singer and songwriter Robbie Hazen, Alexis Herbert, Key of Dreams, Scott Tyler, Mark Alan, Brinn Black and even Bill Keale.

Breedlove Models

The Breedlove Northwest Classic is perhaps one of the most popular of Breedlove’s models, made almost entirely of woods indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. The Northwest Classic uses Myrtle wood as its primary material and has fingerboard inlays that are inspired by Northwest Tribal Totem images. This makes it a truly unique piece of art as well as a superb musical instrument. The Northwest Classic has a list price of ~$4,686, but it is worth every penny.

The Breedlove OOO-AM Deluxe Model is also a superb guitar model. Made of Honduran Mahogany, its rich tone makes it a favorite with musicians, though its $3,999 price tag can seem a bit steep. Its quality, however, makes the OOO-AM Deluxe a sound investment.

Why a Breedlove?

It is not often that you can own a superb instrument such as a Breedlove Guitar. Breedlove owners take pride in the fact that not only is their instrument made entirely in the United States, but that the company who produces it is committed to creating only the very best in acoustic guitars. By focusing solely on acoustic guitars until introducing their first electric guitar in 2007, Breedlove quickly carved out a niche for itself alongside some of the best names in the world of acoustic guitars.

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