History of Breedlove Guitar & Series Review

Did you know that before 1990 there was no such thing as a Breedlove Guitar? Seems incredible, doesn’t it? In just 22 years Breedlove has gone from being a relative unknown quantity to having one of the best reputations in the guitar industry when it comes to crafting high-quality guitars.

The company takes pride in combining traditional guitar-making methods with the very latest engineering techniques in order to create instruments that are not only a joy to play, but that are also beautiful to look at. While their approach was initially downplayed by more traditional guitar manufactures, it quickly became clear that they were onto something as their guitars became increasingly popular with buyers around the globe.

Over the years Breedlove has developed six separate series of guitars. Five of these series contain acoustic guitar models that you will very definitely want to consider if you are in the market for a great acoustic guitar.

Series Review

Master Class Series

A Breedlove guitar from the master Class Series is truly a work of art and will look as good on stage as on your living room wall. Not only do you get the attention to detail and quality craftsmanship that Breedlove is known for, you also get unique body shapes, ornate inlays and exotic tonewoods that create guitars with an incredible tonal and aesthetic appeal. While each of the guitars in this series is made with a solid top and a solid wood body, there is really no other factor to tie these unusual pieces together other than the quality of their workmanship and visual beauty. The downside is that you are looking at some serious prices, for guitars in the Master Class series have a MMRP starting at $5,999. But for the true professional, they are a dream come true.

Limited Edition Series

A Breedlove guitar from the Limited Edition series is not your average, everyday guitar. Each year Breedlove produces eight new models of guitars; two each in the winter, spring, summer and fall. Each of these guitars is a one a one-of-a-kind combination of new designs and innovation. While this line can be expensive (with guitars starting at $5,999) if you are looking for an unusual instrument, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Focus Series

Pick any Breedlove from the Focus Series and you’ll find yourself impressed. These deceptively simple-looking instruments are made with solid wood tops and bodies from a variety of different tonewoods. While there are models that are pure acoustic, some in this line also come with built-in electronics. All of the models are designed to meet the demands of both live and studio performances. Less expensive than the Master Class or Limited Edition Series, the Focus Series are still not cheap guitars.

Cascade Series

The guitars in Breedlove’s Cascade Series may be crafted in Korea instead of in the Oregon guitar shop, but they are excellent instruments for all of that. Each guitar is made with a body of solid East Indian Rosewood with a solid Western Red Cedar top giving it an incredibly rich tone. In addition, each instrument is set up by the Bend, Oregon luthiers when it arrives from Korea. No matter how long you’ve been playing guitar, you’ll find this series to be impressive. Even more impressive is that you get all of this quality starting at just $1,700.

Atlas Series

There is no Breedlove guitar that could be considered to be a cheap acoustic guitar. But if you’re looking for affordability, then the Breedlove Atlas Series may be just what you are looking for. These guitars each come with different tone woods and solid spruce tops. And while they are made in Korea, they are inspected by the luthiers in Bend, Oregon. Guitars in this series begin at just $1,229 depending on which style and model you choose.

Passport Series

Probably the most affordable of the Breedlove guitars, even the instruments in the Passport Series have an eye on quality craftsmanship. Each guitar comes with a solid top, and while the bodies are not solid wood, the carefully selected tonewoods used create an impressive tone nonetheless. Guitars in the Passport series start at just $532 and can run as high as $799. This makes them decidedly less expensive than any of the other Breedlove Series, though still not cheap guitars.


No matter what sort of guitar you are looking for, chances are that Breedlove has something that will fit the bill. Each Breedlove guitar is a testament to the high standards of the company and its attention to even the smallest details. With a Breedlove guitar you not only get high quality sound, but an instrument that is a work of art and makes you smile every time you play it.

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