About Me ... my journey to creating a website about acoustic guitars

I have 2 confessions ...

Guitar is not the first instrument I learned, rather the third. And, I never envisioned creating an acoustic guitar web site. But, here I am!

My Music Background

At 6 years old, I began piano and took instruction for 13 years. At age 11, I picked-up the flute and had 8 years of instruction ... 21 years of combined, private music instruction.

As a high school senior, my friends and I started a jazz band - yours truly on keyboard. I also had a music school business going during high school, with 6 flute and piano students of my own.

Fast forward ... I pursued a college degree in economics and a masters degree in business, and worked for 5 different Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years. My days were long ... mostly 12 hour+ days. It was during this time that I picked-up the acoustic guitar as a stress outlet.

Turn of Events ... birth of a website

Play Acoustic Guitar Very unexpectedly, my family and I moved from Philadelphia to southern Oregon. I left my corporate job behind and decided to stay-at-home with our 3-year-old daughter. We left our Center City Philadelphia rowhouse and settled into a home overlooking the magnificent Cascade Mountains in Oregon. Here's the view from my office ...

With time on my hands, my guitar came-out of its case more often. I asked myself ... why not make a business writing a web site about acoustic guitars? Why not share my knowledge of chords and songs with others? Why should others spend $30 per lesson, when I can show them how to learn for free? Hence, the creation of this website.
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For beginner guitar players, I truly hope this website supports you in your journey of mastering the instrument. Please remember, if you learn just 3 chords (for example, chord C-D-G), you can play hundreds of three chord guitar songs! Or, search my chord library of 100+ chords in my free guitar chord charts library.

For more advanced players seeking to upgrade their guitar, I offer many of my own guitar reviews on quality instruments. ... If you're wondering, I play a Taylor 610ce acoustic-electric and a Martin D-41 Dreadnought - two awesome guitars!

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