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Yamaha Acoustic Guitars are just some of the many instruments that the music division of the Yamaha Corporation has to offer. While perhaps surprising for a conglomerate to produce high quality, niche products, Yamaha’s reputation is such that their acoustic guitars are endorsed and played by a large number of well-known musicians.

Yamaha F335
Yamaha GigMaker Pack
GigMaker Pack
Yamaha GigMaker Deluxe Pack
GigMaker Deluxe Pack
Cheap, attractive guitar for beginners. Expect to re-tune frequently. Inexpensive starter guitar pack includes gig bag, guitar strap, extra strings, digital tuner, picks and lesson DVD. Solid top beginner pack includes gig bag, guitar strap, extra strings, digital tuner, picks and lesson DVD.

Yamaha FG700S Folk
FG700S Folk
Yamaha F1HC
Yamaha FG720S
Solid top beginner guitar has smaller size with curvy body that any-sized guitarist can play. Another solid top beginner guitar, but also includes hardshell case. Quality guitar, affordable price, red hot aesthetics!

Yamaha FG730S
Yamaha LL6
Yamaha LJ16 Jumbo
LJ16 Jumbo
Good quality, plain-looking, affordable beginner guitar. Attractive, affordable guitar with case. All-solid-wood jumbo has wide neck for large hands.

Yamaha LL16
Yamaha FG720SL Left-Handed Folk
FG720SL Left-Handed Folk
Bargain-priced all solid wood dreadnought. Case included! Affordable, solid-top left-handed guitar.

The Beginning of a Legend

The world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments began in Japan, with a businessman by the name of Torakusu Yamaha selling reed organs to Japanese consumers. Torakusu’s business acumen became an integral part of the Yamaha Company; as the business grew, the company began to set its sights even higher, adding string and wind instruments to its reed organs.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Today Yamaha not only has a full line of musical instruments (including pianos) but is a leader in audio/visual merchandise, home appliances, machine tools, furniture, machine tools, motorcycles, jet skis, and even industrial robotic machines. In Japan, the Yamaha Corporation even runs a number of resorts.

In 1960 the parent company – Yamaha Corporation, Japan, established the Yamaha Corporation of America to offer a full line of musical instruments and a number of other products to consumers in the United States. It is owned in full by Yamaha Corporation of Japan. While Yamaha Acoustic Guitars have the reputation that many professional musicians demand in an acoustic guitar, their lower-end lines are of good quality at extremely affordable prices for the beginning guitarist.

Star Quality Reputation

The quality of Yamaha Acoustic Guitars is evidenced by their following of top acoustic guitar players. Names such as Avril Lavigne and singer/songwriter Edwin McCain head a list that includes artists such as Andy McKee, Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Johan Jorgensen, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Kristyn Osborne, Ben Mauro and Glenn Pearce. And that is barely scratching the surface. Different artists have their own personal Yamaha guitar model preferences, and the choice often comes down to how the guitar feels in the players’ hands.

Popular Models

Yamaha FG Series

Perhaps one of the best selling acoustic guitar series of all time, the Yamaha FG series has an outstanding reputation in the musical community. From the FG700S, which is considered to be an excellent choice for the beginning guitarist (and which, incidentally, retails at ~$200) to the FG750S which has a solid top and retails at $400, the FG series is a strong contender in the acoustic guitar market.

Yamaha L Series

The Yamaha L Series is also worth noting. The LL16, in particular, has a reputation for being an incredibly balanced instrument and is handcrafted of all Solid Woods in Japan. Priced at ~$800, this is a model for musicians to save for.

Why a Yamaha?

While many people would squirm at purchasing a guitar from a company with such a seemingly unrelated product line, Yamaha Acoustic Guitars are not to be sneezed at. The emphasis on quality that Torakusu Yamaha brought to his reed organs has carried over to an attention for detail in every Yamaha musical instrument. And in fact, the largeness of the company ensures that they can offer top quality instruments at a price every musician can afford.'s Deal Center

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Yamaha S50 Not rated yet
serial no. 554172. really full sound. have no idea how old or any related info. can anyone help.

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