History of Yamaha Acoustic Guitar & Series Review

A Yamaha acoustic guitar is a tribute to the combination of quality craftsmanship and value. While Yamaha has been making quality acoustic guitars for decades, it has taken guitar buyers years to get past their prejudices about guitars being made in a factory setting; and overseas at that. But all it takes is the chance to play one of Yamaha Guitars to understand that they have truly discovered the secret to making good acoustic guitars in a manner that allows them to be sold at affordable prices.

Research and testing are some of the main weapons in the Yamaha arsenal when it comes to creating quality acoustic guitars. Their exacting research has allowed them to create good instruments at a fraction of the price of other, more recognizable brands. While there are some who look down on Yamaha guitars; especially the ones that are made in overseas factories, the fact still remains that they are one of the best selling guitar brands on the market today.

A quick look at the Yamaha acoustic guitar series can give you an idea of the wide range of options available from Yamaha, and if you look up the prices of the individual guitars you’ll understand another reason why Yamaha acoustic guitars are some of the best selling acoustic guitars online. While there are only three series of acoustic guitars offered by Yamaha, each of them has something different to offer the purchaser and there is certain to be something for everyone.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Series Roll Call

The Yamaha F Series

The Yamaha F series are some of the best selling acoustic guitars online. Their price (decidedly affordable) is one of the things that make them most popular with buyers. All of the F series are built on dreadnought bodies though the quality of the models ranges from one with a laminated spruce to those with solid tops (though all of the F series models have laminated backs and sides). Yamaha has really done their research on how to create a good acoustic guitar and their research pays off with their F series. Even the lowest price model (which comes with a laminated spruce top and meranti back and sides) has a surprisingly full-bodied tone, though it tends to lose its tuning fairly quickly. The solid top models in the Yamaha F series are better at keeping their tone, though they do not have the richness of flavor that solid-bodied guitars tend to have. But still, they make a great guitar for beginners and even for more advanced musicians who can’t afford a more expensive guitar.

The Yamaha FG Series

The Yamaha FG Series has been popular with buyers for over 40 years. Also built on dreadnought bodies, a Yamaha acoustic guitar from the FG series will always have a solid top (usually Sitka spruce) and are made to Yamaha’s exacting standards for quality craftsmanship. The solid tops combined with the depth and breadth of the dreadnought body gives these models some incredible punch. The volume alone will blow you out of the water and are great if you need to be heard in a musical venue. While the backs and sides of these models are made from different kinds of woods (giving them each a different flavor) they do share the same sort of deep resonance that has made the dreadnought such a popular style with guitarists around the world. While the FG series has great tone and resonance, some of the models can be a bit tetchy when it comes to fingerstyle playing, tending to mush up if you don’t use a pick on them. These models seem to be made for flatpicking, though some of the models can get a bit jarring of tone if you get to aggressive with your strumming. The affordable price of these solid top models makes them one of the best choices for acoustic guitars online. They are a great value for anyone interested in playing guitar and who wants a quality instrument without breaking their budget.

The Yamaha L Series

The Yamaha L series acoustic guitars are a definite step up from either the F or the FG series. Where the F and FG series are factory made, a Yamaha acoustic guitar from the Yamaha L Series is handcrafted by master craftsmen. There are a wide variety of models to choose from in the L Series, and each of them is crafted from solid woods; not just a solid top, but a solid body as well, giving the L Series guitars a richness of tone that you just can’t get with laminate or veneer backs and sides. These guitars tend to be big guitars; jumbos, super jumbos and even grand auditoriums, though with their curvier shapes they tend to be easier to handle than their dreadnought counterparts. While the price of a Yamaha acoustic guitar from their L series tends to be more expensive than the F or FG series, their solid wood construction and the attention to detail when it comes to craftsmanship make these a solid choice for the serious guitarist.


When choosing a Yamaha acoustic guitar, there is, quite literally, something for everyone. Not only can you find good acoustic guitars for beginners; guitars that are inexpensive and yet have a good tone and playability; you can also find solid top guitars that are made with an attention to detail and whose tone and projection (not to mention affordable price) make them a great choice for working musicians. And then of course, for the true connoisseur of attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, you have guitars built by master craftsman; guitars made of solid woods and who look just as beautiful as they play. While there are guitar makers who make more expensive guitars; whose names are better known and who have a loyal fan base, if you are looking for a good acoustic guitar at a price that won’t break the bank, then you may want to consider a Yamaha acoustic guitar.


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