Yamaha Acoustic Guitars: LL6 Dreadnought

by Guitar Guru

”An Eye-Catching but Affordable Guitar”

The Yamaha L Series LL6 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar is, to put it simply, an eye-catching guitar with a tone to match.

Built on a dreadnought body, the LL6 has the depth of body and breadth of shoulders that contribute to the classic full sound of a dreadnought. Crafted with a solid Engelmann spruce top and laminated rosewood back and sides, the LL6 has a rich resonance on the mid and bass notes that makes up for its rather weak treble. This disparity between the high and low notes make the LL6 a good accompaniment guitar; one that will not overpower the singer or lead instrument but that will still manage to be heard in any performance situation.

While the initial sound of the guitar right out of the box may sound a bit mushy, replacing the plastic bridge pins with something like bone or brass can make an incredible difference in the tone, bringing out the LL6’s natural clarity of tone. It is also a difficult guitar to keep in tune. You will probably end up having to re-tune your guitar more often than you would like.

For looks the LL6 is a real beauty. The golden tone of the Engelmann spruce combines with a hi-gloss finish to give the LL6 a rich patina that puts one in mind of a thoroughly matured instrument that has darkened over time.

With a price range of ~$499-$529, the LL6 is decidedly more affordable than other guitars of its quality range and comes with a case that will keep your investment protected from the elements and from accidental bangs and scrapes.

For the price, the Yamaha L Series LL6 is a good acoustic guitar; especially for those guitarists who are playing as accompanists or in groups, and will look good no matter where you play.

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Sep 30, 2011
An Eye-Catching but Affordable Guitar
by: Guitar Guru

An Eye-Catching but Affordable Guitar

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