Washburn Acoustic Guitars: D64SW Dreadnought

by Guitar Guru

”For the Bluegrass Player in All of Us”

The Washburn D64SW is a bluegrass player’s dream come true. With a solid cedar top and solid rosewood body, the D64SW has a light, bright tone that lends itself well to bluegrass style playing.

Built on a dreadnought body, the D64SW has the depth and breadth that lends itself to the rich, powerful volume that have made dreadnoughts some of the most popular guitar styles out there; perfect for group or auditorium playing when you need to be heard over the crowd. At just ~$799, it more than lives up to Washburn’s reputation for providing good acoustic guitars at an affordable price. Imported from China, this quality Washburn guitar has an incorporated Buzz Feiten tuning system musicians will be sure to enjoy.

While the D64SW may be a bit large for those without the reach, its clarity of tone – especially when flatpicking, makes it the ideal guitar for bluegrass style playing. And its natural finish even gives it a backwoods flair that helps it to fit right in.

Some adjusting of string weights may be necessary in order for you to get the right balance of sound out of the D64SW, especially if you are going to be flatpicking and strumming vigorously. But with a little tweaking, you should soon have the sound that will help you play your best bluegrass yet. At this price point, it’s no surprise that the guitar comes with a gig bag.

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Aug 19, 2011
All Wood Guitar Consideration
by: Graham of Edmonton Ab Canada

I'd like to add that these solid wood instruments are VERY susceptible to variations in relative humidity, and prone to coming apart at the seams if the air gets too dry. Any reputable retailer will, of course, carry one or more gadgets designed to offset the lack of natural moisture in the air. THESE ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY and owners of solid wood instruments should consider the purchase of such IMPERATIVE!!!

Aug 18, 2011
For the Bluegrass Player in All of Us
by: Guitar Guru

For the Bluegrass Player in All of Us

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