Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

These easy acoustic guitar songs require the D Major 6/9 Chord, also called a D6add9 Chord. Here's how to play it... from the E minor chord, move your 1st finger up 1 string to F#, which is the 2nd fret on the low E string. Then move your 2nd finger down 1 string to A, which is the 2nd fret on the G string. The resulting notes are D, F#, B, E and A.

Song #2 - A Horse with No Name, by America (view lyrics)

Original Song Performed by America

Ready to learn another beginner song? Try these:
Song #1 - Get Back, by The Beatles
Song #3 - Time of Your Life (Good Riddance), by Green Day
Song #4 - Free Fallin', by Tom Petty

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