Which Guitar Companies Have the Best Reputations?

Do you know which guitar companies have the best reputation in the industry? Chances are that if you are looking to purchase an acoustic guitar you already have an idea of the sheer number of guitars there are out there. You probably also know that not all of these guitars are the best quality guitars. This is why it helps to know which guitar manufacturers have the best reputations for making quality instruments that fall into your price range.

Even if you have been playing guitar for a while, you might not have a firm grasp of the different guitar companies out there and what they have to offer. For while it is important for beginning guitarists to have good quality instruments, many guitarists do not actually get a feel for what exactly they are looking for in an acoustic guitar until they have been playing for a while. It is usually about the time that a guitarist is getting a feel for different attributes between guitars that they start looking to upgrade from their beginner guitar.

Logic of course would dictate that it is the guitar itself whose reputation and quality you should be concerned with and not the guitar companies that make them. However, most people feel better if they know that they are buying a guitar from a company with a tried and true track record. Luckily there are a good number of guitar companies that have been around for long enough to prove their excellence. There are also a number of companies that are relatively new to the business but whose products and service are so outstanding that they developed an instant reputation for excellence.

This brings us to some of the top names in the business; guitar companies with stellar reputations that that offer you not only the best in quality instruments, but the best in customer service as well. Just take a look at the names that top the list and see which ones inspire you.

Guitar Companies - Gibson

Gibson Guitars

Gibson makes some of the best acoustic guitars on the market. Founded in 1902, Gibson’s reputation is beyond excellent. Many of the guitars in the Gibson repertoire are justly famous. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive.
Guitar Companies - Martin

Martin Guitars

Established in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin, Martin Guitars have an impeccable reputation. Martin is considered to be one of the top guitar companies of all time. They have been manufacturing flattop acoustics for nearly going on 200 years from their factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. You do have to pay for the reputation however. Martin guitars can be quite pricey, but their quality is very high.
Guitar Companies - Taylor

Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars are relative newcomers in the world of acoustic guitars. Founded in 1974 by 20 year old Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug, these guitars have quickly made a name for themselves until they can be mentioned in the same breath as Martin and Gibson guitars. While Taylor Guitars can still be expensive, they are considerably lower priced than most Martins or Gibson’s in their class, but they still have an excellent reputation.
Guitar Companies - Breedlove

Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars have been quickly rising up the ranks since their start in 1990. They use a combination of modern engineering with tried and true guitar building methods to create beautiful instruments that have a great tone. Guitar reviews rank guitars from the Breedlove Master Class Series, Cascade Series and American Series very highly.

Guitar Companies - Seagull

Seagull Guitars

Based out of Canada, Seagull Guitars have a great reputation, especially with working musicians who want a top quality guitar that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Unlike some guitar manufacturers whose lower tiers of guitars are made with laminated tops, all Seagull guitars have solid tops to improve their tone and resonance.


These are by no means the only guitar companies with good reputations out there, but they are some of the best known names and carry some of the highest quality guitars available. Choosing from one of these manufacturers may cost you a little extra in the way of money. But if you are committed to playing guitar, you can consider a thoughtful purchase an investment in your future.

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