Takamine Guitars: Jasmine Dreadnought Lace S33LH Left-Handed

by Guitar Guru

”Southpaw Strummers Take Note!”

The Jasmine Dreadnought Lace S33LH Acoustic Guitar was designed with southpaw strummers in mind, particularly those lefties who are ready to upgrade from their beginning guitars.

Priced less than $250 and affordable for most budgets, the S33LH has a laminated spruce top and lacewood body that lend to the clarity of this dreadnought shaped instrument. With a deep body, the S33LH has a rich and deep tone that you can feel right down to your toes. Its broad top ensures that there is a balanced, full-bodied sound that will serve you well in nearly every venue.

While this is an excellent instrument for sound when it comes to pick strumming, the body tends to be prone to nicks and dents. This, of course, can be avoided by having a pick guard installed.

It is also important that you replace the strings that it comes with as soon as possible, for the string tone straight out of the box tends towards a ‘twang’ that can be avoided by purchasing the right weight strings for your playing style.

While the dedicated guitarist will eventually be ready to trade in their S33LH for an even better model, it serves a needed niche as an excellent quality guitar for intermediate level southpaw strummers.

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May 09, 2011
Southpaw Strummers Take Note!
by: Guitar Guru

Southpaw Strummers Take Note!

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