Ibanez Acoustic Guitar: SGT120LNT Sage Series Left-Handed

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”Good, Cheap Left-Handed Beginner Guitar”

The Ibanez SGT120LNT Sage Series Left-Handed acoustic guitar is Ibanez’s answer to the left-handed guitarist’s dilemma; where to get a good acoustic left-handed guitar without having to sell your firstborn.

Left-handed players are people too! Not only that, they are worthy of affordable instruments that are tailored to their particular ‘approach’ to life. Traditionally, left-handed guitars have been hard to find and, according to guitar reviews, expensive to purchase. Now Ibanez has a guitar that is not only made especially for them, they are affordable as well, a combination that will bring even more customers into the Ibanez fold.

Built on a dreadnought body, the SGT120LNT has a surprisingly vintage look that bring back the old days of guitar building when a guitar wasn’t just an instrument, but a work of art as well. You’ll find lots of detail work in the SGT120LNT that contributes to its visual appeal, while it’s laminate spruce top and mahogany back and sides combine to give it a bright sound that has a great volume and can be heard above the crowd in most any situation.

Unfortunately, however, even its great volume can be marred by the fact that it tends to lose its tune rather quickly, so if you are looking for a guitar that will hold its sound for long periods of time; this might not be the one. Rather, for an additional $100, try the solid top Ibanez AW300 Artwood Dreadnought Left-Handed acoustic guitar for holding its tune longer.

For just ~$199, however, the SGT120LNT is a great value for a pure acoustic guitar, and one that you will be hard-pressed to match, especially when you start searching for left-handed guitars. Comfortable to play and easy on the pocket book, Ibanez has, with the SGT120LNT, created a classic that will be popular as a left-handed beginners acoustic guitar for years to come.

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Oct 25, 2011
Good, Cheap Left-Handed Beginner Guitar
by: Guitar Guru

Good, Cheap Left-Handed Beginner Guitar

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