Seagull Guitars: Original S6 Left-Handed

by Guitar Guru

“Left-Handed Musician’s Dream Come True”

The Seagull Original S6 Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar is the perfect choice for the left-handed musician who is ready to upgrade. What is not to love? With a solid cedar top and wild-cherry laminate body, this guitar is not shy about its assets.

A beautiful graduation of wood tones (undershot by the red tint of the cedar top) is aesthetically pleasing, and the tone is the beautiful full-bodied richness that comes with the dreadnought style body. The light satin finish on this beautiful top dings easily, so careful not to ding it with your fingernails.

While there may be those that don’t appreciate this piece’s emphasis on the bass (which can come across as sounding a bit boxy when using a pick) it provides the perfect counterpoint for higher-pitched traditional guitars, and the right choice of string weights can make the higher trebles and mid-tones easier to bring out.

At <$450, this left-hander’s dream is an affordable alternative to retrofitting a right-handed guitar for left-handed play. In fact, retrofitting a guitar to accommodate a 'lefty' is not really workable. The bracing inside the guitar is NOT symmetrical. This means that in retrofit, the bracing would be backwards! If you need a 'lefty' BUY a LEFTY!

Though the dreadnought-style body of this Original S6 can be a bit hard to manage for younger or more slightly built players, its richness of tone makes this piece a left-handed musician’s dream come true.

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May 26, 2014
Best guitar in this price range. NEW
by: Bullet

I bought this guitar 7 0r 8 years ago and love to play it. It's a great sounding guitar that, once set up to my style of play, is the finest guitar in its price range. I own other acoustic guitars which I play frequently but I always find myself reaching for the S-6 by choice.
For appearance sake, you will probably be happier with an unstained version of this guitar. My Seagull has stained back and sides that I'm not particularly fond of. The stain is very irregular in its application and, frankly, looks like someone having a bad day threw the stain on and called it "good enough". I've looked at a fair number of stained S-6s and come to realize this appearence is quite intentional or the same person who was having a bad day with my guitar has a lot of bad days. On the other hand, I've seen a lot of unstained S-6s that look great. (One of my other guitars is an Art & Lutherie- essentially the same people- with an unstained back and it also looks very good.

Jan 15, 2012
Attention all Lefties! NEW
by: Graham

Many complain that left-handed guitars are too expensive or too hard to find. Nonsense. While this instrument may SEEM pricey, remember you 'get what you pay for'. This guitar is probably THE BEST you'll find, and definitely the best at this price-point. The superior build quality of Seagulls puts them head and shoulders above all competition. You won't find a new guitar,(especially a 'southpaw') to compare with a Seagull unless you're willing to pay two or three times as much. These Canadian made instruments are superb. Try as many different axes as you want...let me know if you find a better deal...GOOD LUCK...

May 16, 2011
Left-Handed Musician’s Dream Come True
by: Guitar Guru

Left-Handed Musician’s Dream Come True

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