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by Marlon

Hi I found your web site to be amazing.. I haven't played guitar since I was 10 years old (27 now). After browsing to your web site I bought a guitar from your link and and in my way to getting back in track.. I know its going to take some work..

I wanted to ask you for something please... I notice that pretty much every web site I came across in the new that list songs with tabs and chords usually only have parts or section or most of them are just listed in chords which at least for me tend to be very hard to read and play (they are letters or a couple of them like dmb, d, ab, those are chords right? )

I was wondering were can I find tabs, which I find so easy to play... like the ones listed in that web site you have a link under beginnerr guitar player.. the web site is called music for music teachers... the sheet has the little music symbols on the top lines then the lyrics and the numbers you have to press down ... soooo easy to learn.. can you please guide me to a place where I can find most songs in this format or is it only some songs that come in this format?? Please help me... well thank you so much!!!!!

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Simple Guitar Chord Chart
by: Graham of Edmonton Ab Canada

Marlon of NY was asking about chords and tabs.... There's a book entitled : "500 Chord Shapes" and a sequel called : "500 More Chord Shapes."

United States Amazon:

United Kingdom Amazon:

These two books provide 'Dot Diagrams' for dozens of chord 'inversions'....that is, alternative fingerings, which give the guitarist the choice of using those which require the least hand movement. Learning any chord sequence is easier if you know two or more fingerings for each chord. I lost mine in the shuffle YEARS ago, but it's almost certain they're still in print... Hope this helps. G

Easy Guitar Tabs
by: Guitar Guru

Find many, free guitar tabs at chordie.com. Enjoy!

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