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by Ricardo

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Crescent NEW
by: Graham

Crescent?? Never heard of them. The bewildering array of merchandise being currently imported from the Pacific Rim and flooding our markets is, in my opinion, making it difficult for beginners to sort the wheat from the chaff. Many of these instruments are kitsch. Some are actually not too bad. Most are attractively finished and appear to be good value. But true value lies in longevity...NOT in initial appearance. In twenty years' time, some of these may still be in service. Most, I suspect, will not. Look beyond the shiny surface. Look INSIDE. Are there rough edges? Glue squeeze-out? Such problems as these are very rare in domestics.
If these guitars are 'as good as' our home-grown ones, then our domestic luthiers might as well throw in the towel. From what I've seen and heard, North American and European products are simply better. Better looking...better sounding....longer lasting...and with much higher resale or trade-in value. My advice?? Save a little longer and buy something worth having.

Crescent Guitars Reviews NEW
by: Guitar Guru

I have never played a Crescent Guitar. That said, it appears that Crescent Industries Inc. is privately held and has been in business since 2005. The headquarters are located in Santa Fe Springs, California and the company sells to both the retails and wholesale market.

Since Crescent sells wholesale by the case and pallet, my guess is that these guitars are manufactured in Asia. I did not find any solid top guitars on their web site (they are mostly made of plywood), so my guess is that they are lower-quality guitars.

If anyone from Crescent Guitar would like to chime-in to this discussion, you are welcome.

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