Compare Alvarez Guitars to Others

by Toni

I have been playing an Ovation 12 string for years. Love the guitar for its sound and action. along with the team I play with. But now I would like a 6 string that is little smaller.

Looking at the local music store at mid-range group of A/E guitars, they did not have Taylors or Martins. Although did have the Alvarez AD60. Comparing with the more expensive ones I loved the sound and feel of the Alvarez.

My question is, how do you rate this guitar with the Ovation, Taylor, Gibson, or Martin?

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solid top alvarez NEW
by: Anonymous

Alvarez guitars (DO) have solid tops!!!

by: Graham

Alverez has a decent reputation, but, like Ovation, it's not in the same league as Taylor, Gibson et al. Like the GG says, look to Washburn or perhaps Epiphone or Takamine. And buy a SOLID TOP guitar!!!

How do Alvarez Guitars Rate?
by: Guitar Gur

As a general response, Alvarez Guitars has an excellent reputation and history of making acoustic guitars.

The Alvarez AD60 appears to be a discontinued Alvarez model. It's an attractive, entry-level Alvarez guitar sporting a solid spruce top that I assume it is priced around $300?

You will NOT find a comparable Taylor, Gibson or Martin in this price range. If $300 is your price range, check-out the other manufucturers for entry-level solid-top guitars, e.g. Epiphone, Washburn, Takamine. Check-out my Acoustic Guitar Reviews.

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