Blueridge Buitars: BR40

by Franklin C McAlister
(Ramseur, NC)

I recently purchased on Ebay a Blueridge BR40. It has a black stripe down the center of the back and a larger black stripe down the center of the bottom side where the strap peg is located.

All the BR40's I have seen do not have either of these stripes. Does anyone know anything about this and can you tell me what is the proper guage strings for this instrument, as it is strung with extra light strings when I recieved it.


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Blueridge Buitars: BR40 AS
by: Guitar Guru

It is possible that what you have is not just a Blueridge BR40, but a Blueridge BR-40 AS Adirondack Top Dreadnought guitar which is known for having a single line back-strip. It sounds like this model's description may match the black strip that you are talking about, though I would need to see a picture of the guitar to be absolutely certain. If you did land yourself a Blueridge BR-40 AS, you are to be congratulated! These are considered to be excellent instruments.

Regarding the strings, light strings work well, though extra light may be a little more than you need. I can recommend the
D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light Acoustic Guitar Strings 3-Pack
for this particular model, as that will give you the best tone.

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