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A critical consideration in acoustic electric guitar reviews is the amplification system. An on-board electrics system is certainly the best approach. Once can purchase after market add-ons like soundhole or piezo pickups, but the resulting sound is certainly not as good. Add the fact that guitar reviews always talk about A/Es, not added pickups, and the choice is clear. The sound of the guitar is not lost on the pickups limitations, but is instead preserved nicely and projected from the amp as though it were being played acoustically. In other words, the tone is pure and unaffected. Below are my thoughts about particular manufacturer products.


Epiphone is a holding of Gibson Guitars. They are known for being a quality instrument that is affordable to the masses. Especially their acoustic electric line of guitars with a price range of $199 to around $799. Their own technicians make the electronics, so each piece is unique to the guitar on which it is installed. The lower end models are a simple amplifier plug-in at the strap nut while the higher end ones will include a control panel with on board tuning and graphic EQ channels; usually 3 or 5 as room allows. Dave Navarro plays Epiphone A/E's exclusively.


Now Fender is famous for their electric guitars, but their acoustic electric instruments are just as memorable. With a price range from about $200 to a bit over $725, anybody can have one. Some of the electronics are made on site, but a great many are supplied by Fishman, a well-known electronic manufacturer. The lower price models will simply plug to the strap nut and run to the amp. Better components have a control unit with tuning abilities, up to 5 channels of graphic EQ and even a volume slider switch here and there. Fender is proud to include Taylor Swift in their acoustic electric guitar reviews as a dedicated artist.


What can you say about Gibson acoustic electric guitars that hasn't been said already? Not much except that they include the best workmanship and electronics on the market. Acoustic electric guitar reviews are not complete until a Gibson is mentioned. With electronics made by makers like L.R. Baggs and Fishman, you just cannot go wrong, even in the high end price range. Gibson guitar reviews can be read at music sites everywhere. Notable player: Roy Orbison.


Ibanez comes in here surprisingly well. Acoustic electric guitar reviews give high ratings to all Ibanez instruments in this category. Based on an affordable price frame of under $1000, even for the high end pieces, the value is extraordinary; so is the sound. Most Ibanez A/E's are powered by Fishman electronics for an added level of amplified tone quality. One of the world's finest guitarists, Joe Satriani, is a nearly exclusive player of Ibanez instruments and has a signature line there.


Martin is synonymous with acoustic quality as that was the origin of Martin guitars. The patented bracing lends tonal dynamics and Fishman electronics provide superb amplified sound. From the backpacker at less than $200 to the top of the line at $3900, Martin performs beautifully and is positively rated in acoustic electric guitar reviews. Top end models have electronics that include tone modeling software loaded and an onboard computer control. Martin's most famous player? Elvis Presley.


Canadian-based Seagull Guitars are a lesson in top quality, great sound, fantastic electronics and affordability. Acoustic electric guitar reviews place Seagull in the top of the market. Powered by Godin QI electronics, Seagull acoustic electric instruments produce sweet acoustic tones even under amplification. Anybody can play a Seagull A/E for less than $800 for a fairly high end guitar. Players like Peppino D'Agostino and James Blunt play Seagull A/E's in studio as well as stage appearances.


With a reputation for affordability and quality, Takamine brings their acoustic electrics to the table nicely. Priced from an unbelievable $259, beginners can start out in style. The electronics are as varied as the guitars theirselves and range from passive V/T controls to multi channel preamp/EQ combos by Shadow. The higher end models can run more than $2800, so you have a wide choice to make here. Takamime players include Glenn Frey and Garth Brooks.


Acoustic electric guitar reviews all agree that Taylor is among the best available. Priced from as little as $459, you can add a Taylor A/E to your arsenal. Higher and instruments will run more than $3000 and are typically professional quality guitars. All of Taylor's electronics are Taylor devised and made, so you get a fully unique Taylor experience from the inside out. Taylor acoustic electric guitars have been seen on stage with the likes of Glenn Campbell.


No acoustic electric guitar review would be complete without mentioning Yamaha. This company prides itself on providing quality at affordable prices. Yamaha also manufactures electronics, so they are able to keep the costs of the amplification modules in-house and that is good for us all. Beginners can get a Yamaha for around $200 and pros can have a quality guitar for as much as $2999. Yamaha players include the legendary Country Joe McDonald and Lee Ritenour.

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