Alvarez Guitars: MSD610

by Guitar Guru

”Solid Choice for Every Guitarist”

The Alvarez MSD610 is one of those guitars that turns a guitar player into a guitar legend. Part of the Masterworks series, the MD610 not only has a solid spruce top but solid mahogany back and sides that give it one of the richest and well-rounded tones that you will find in a guitar of this price range. And the best thing is that at just ~$419 the MSD610 is actually a cheap acoustic guitar, especially for the quality of instrument that you get in return.

Built on a slightly smaller dreadnought body, the MSD610 is much easier to handle than the full-sized dreadnoughts, especially for those players who are younger or smaller than average. Thankfully the slightly smaller size does not compromise the sound of the guitar, and you get a full-sized dreadnought sound in a much more manageable package. This means that even those who cannot handle a full-sized acoustic dreadnought will be able to benefit from the projection and clarity that this particular model has to offer.

On top of its easy to handle body and excellent sound, the MSD610 also has a thin neck which makes it extremely easy to play, even for those who have small hands which is a far cry from the thicker necks that those with smaller hands have a hard time managing. Of course this makes it a tad harder to handle for those with larger hands or thicker fingers, but if you can handle the spacing you will find it a lovely guitar to play.

For the price, the Alvarez MSD610 is an incredible bargain. For a decidedly affordable price you get a solid wood acoustic guitar built on a smaller dreadnought body; a guitar that has the projection and volume of a full-sized instrument and with a richly rounded tone. But at the same time you get a guitar that is far easier to handle than your average sized dreadnought but will serve you just as well as guitars three times its price.

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Jan 13, 2012
Got Wood? NEW
by: Graham

Not long ago, an instrument made to these specs would have cost in the four figures. The public is getting wise. Solid wood is the answer. The nearest of the 'domestics' in price are the Seagulls at nearly twice as much. Given that the materials are comparable, the trade-off must be elsewhere. Could this be in build quality? Clearly, 'cheap labour' is a factor, but this is offset to a certain degree in shipping costs, including insurance. Sounds like a good guitar, but I'd take a dentist's mirror and a flashlight and have a peek inside. Check for splinters, unsanded surfaces, glue squeeze-out and any other undesirable stuff. And compare the quality of the woods used to that of the costlier North American built guitars. You get what you PAY FOR...

Jan 13, 2012
Solid Choice for Every Guitarist NEW
by: Guitar Guru

Solid Choice for Every Guitarist

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