Blueridge Guitars: BR43

by Guitar Guru

”An Entry-Level Guitar in Price Alone”

The Blueridge BR-43 Contemporary Series 000 acoustic guitar is one of those guitars that makes you feel like a real guitarist just by holding it. Of course once you play it, you’ll definitely start coming into your own for the BR-43 offers beginning and advanced guitarists alike a great, full-bodied sound at a price that won’t put you into sticker shock.

Built on a 000 body, the BR-43 is a dream to play, especially for younger or more slightly built players. And its straight neck means that even smaller fingers won’t have a problem reaching the notes. But chances are that you’ll be so blown away by the tone and projection of this little number (thanks to its select solid spruce top combined with its mahogany back and sides) that you won’t even notice the rather pitiful plastic bridge pins. But those are easily replaced and will definitely improve the sound.

Another point of interest is the fact that the headstock on the BR-43 is rather small and can cause the stings on the outside to turn in a bit. But it does not seem to affect the overall playability of the guitar and indeed gives it character that it might otherwise be lacking, for this is rather a plain Jane model in spite of the mother of pearl inlays and black pickguard. While not as nice as the Martin 000M15, it is one third the price and sounds very sweet

At just ~$369 the BR-43 is nicely priced; enough to make you feel as if you have made an investment, but not so much that you feel as if you will have to go without groceries for the next month in order to pay for it. And since we’re on the subject of price, for an additional ~$69 you can get a
Silver Creek Vintage Archtop 000 Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Case
that is designed specifically for this size and shape of guitar and will help you to protect your Blueridge BR-43 very well indeed.

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Jan 24, 2012
Pricey NEW
by: Graham

At nearly $370, this guitar is overpriced. For about $40 less, there are solid-top guitars like the Seagull S-6 to be had. Keep looking....

Jan 24, 2012
An Entry-Level Guitar in Price Alone NEW
by: Guitar Guru

An Entry-Level Guitar in Price Alone

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