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C6 Guitar Chord

Alternative Names: C Major 6, Cmaj6, Cmajor6, CM6, Cadd6, Amin7
C6 Guitar Chord

Free printable chart...right click on diagram and select 'Print Picture...'

Music Theory

How is the C6 contructed? The sixth note of the C major scale is (A), so a C6 chord will simply be the C major triad (C, E, G) plus the sixth note (A). Said differently, a C6 is made up of intervals 1 3 5 6, or notes C E G A.

This C6 or Cmaj6 is not the same as the "C6 Power Chord". The C6 Power Chord, not shown here, contains only 2 notes; C (root) and A (6th note); intervals 1 and 6.

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