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Caug Guitar Chord

Alternative Names: C augmented, C+, Eaug, Abaug, G#aug

Caug Guitar Chord

Online Guitar Music Theory

An augmented chord is a major triad, but with an augmented (raised) 5th instead of a perfect 5th. The formula is 1 3 #5. The notes in a C augmented chord are C E G#, compared to the notes in a C Major chord are C E G.

The notes of the augmented triad divide the octave into three segments, each spanning the interval of a major 3rd. It can also be thought of as two major thirds stacked on top of one another. Because of this symmetry, any chord tone can be considered the root of the triad. For example, C augmented is spelled C E G#, and any of these 3 notes could be the root. Therefore the C aug = E aug = G# aug. Note: Augmented 7th chords do NOT have this quality.

Augmented chords are considered dissonant or unstable, and produce a sensation of tension. They are most often used in classical and jazz music, usually to link major and minor chords or major and major 6th chords.

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