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Cdim Guitar Chord

Alternative Names: C diminished, Cdim7, Ebdim, Adim, F#dim, Gbdim

Cdim Guitar Chord

Ultimate Music Theory

A true diminished triad (chord containing only three notes) has the formula 1 b3 b5. Yet, since the sound can be thin, guitarist often sustitute a diminished 7th chord for a diminished triad. The diminished 7th formula is 1 b3 b5 6. The C diminished 7th has the notes C Eb Gb A.

Diminished 7ths (dim7) are the ultimate "passing" chords. The dim7 is constructed by putting four minor thirds on top of each other. Given this consistent interval pattern, any note in a diminished 7 can be called the root note of the chord. Likewise, any diminished chord has 4 possible roots and therefore 4 possible names. The Cdim7 = Ebdim7 = Gbdim7 = Adim7.

Any dim7 chord repeats itself every 3 frets on the guitar. It is easy to do inversions of dim7 chords on the guitar. Different inversions have different sound qualities, even though they are the same notes. The ultimate guitarist can quickly and easily change the mood in a song by using different inversions of the dim7.

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