E5 Guitar Chord

Alternative name: E Power Chord, Bsus4

E5 Guitar Chord

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The E5 guitar chord, a "power chord", is a very simple chord made up of 2 notes, the root(E) and the fifth(B). Since this chord lacks a third, it has no major/minor tonality. Power chords are popular because they are easy to learn and play.

According to classical music theory, a "power chord" is technically not a chord but an interval. However, the term is accepted as a pop and rock music term, usually associated with hard rock, heavy metal and punk rock guitar styles.

When you play a power chord in the open position, you have to be careful to mute the other strings so they do not ring out. Use your extra fingers to lightly touch the other strings, use your fretting fingers to smother the unnecessary strings, or just avoid hitting the unnecessary strings with your impact hand.

Power chords are useful because they can be moved anywhere on the neck, as long as the relationship between the notes is the same. For example, in the E5, the thickest string plays an E, the next string plays a B (which is the fifth note of any E scale), and the next string plays another E, but an octave above it.

Take the same chord pattern, and move it up the neck to make a different power chord. For example, take the two fretted notes, then use your first finger and fret the thick E string two frets behind the others.

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