Gibson Acoustic Guitars: PR200

by Justice Taylor
(Paradise, Texas, US)

I first picked up a guitar when I was very little and have attempted to learn how to play many times. Through my grade school years I owned a Gibson PR200 that my step-father handed down to me and some common Yamaha electric black guitar model- neither of which I could play. I sold the Yamaha a couple years ago but always kept the Gibson around.

A few months back I started teaching myself how to play again and this guitar and I are inseparable. I put brand new strings on it and the sound, to my ear, is bright and clear. I have read many reviews on said guitar and have seen many guitar snobs spit awful words of distaste for it. For the long time player and expensive high quality guitar owner, maybe it is just a common stick of wood, but I would highly recommend it to any beginner seeking an inexpensive and gorgeous guitar. I have a group of friends who play constantly, three guitars sitting on their couch at any given time, and they never fail to compliment my guitar when I visit- trying to get me to trade it off, which I'll never do.

I've only learned a couple songs thus far, one of them being Alice in Chains' Nutshell (a highly difficult song for a newbie), and my PR200 and I sound just like the album.


While no longer in production, find a used Gibson PR200 on EBay!

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Jan 31, 2012
Gibby? NEW
by: Graham

I could be very wrong, but the only PR-200 I know of is an Epiphone. Not a BAD guitar, but not an especially good one, either. Gibson owns Epiphone, but look at the VAST difference between the Hummingbirds which Epi makes and the Gibson ones.

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