Ginnie Ginnie

by David C. Schneider at
(Los Organos, Peru)

A song I wrote years ago and recorded about 3 years back. The guitar is one I bought nearly new on eBay for $50. When we moved to Peru last year, we sold everything except what would fit in the suitcases. The items we sold included 5 guitars, 3 amplifiers and various other musical equipments. I especially miss that $50 guitar!

About the song, Ginnie Ginnie - when I was a kid, one of the places we lived for six months was on a lake on the Catawba River in North Carolina. A few miles down the lake by boat lived a lady who introduced me to the old south - a real southern hospitalable, gracious woman. Her name was Virginia, but everyone called her Ginnie. I've always like that name ... the song doesn't have anything to do with her personally, but it does bring to me that southern flavor that I grew to love.

Ginnie Ginnie

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