Hohner HAG-250P 1/2 Size Parlor

by Guitar Guru

Beginning Guitar at Hard to Resist Price

The Hohner HAG-250P ½ Size Parlor Acoustic Guitar is a great choice for those who are looking for a tiny guitar for students who have very small hands. It is important that young players be given guitars that are comfortably sized; otherwise they can get discouraged very easily. Priced at ~$44, how can you go wrong?

Designed especially for smaller players, the HAG-250P is not only small, it is nice and curvy which makes it easier to handle than dreadnought styled guitars. Even the scaled down dreadnoughts tend to be bigger through the body and shoulders, a fact that makes them more unwieldy to handle and more discouraging to smaller and younger beginning guitarists.

The HAG-250P is made with Agathis wood (a type of evergreen and in the same tonewood class as alder wood). The downside of the HAG-250P is that it is not a solid wood guitar. It does not even have a solid top. This lack of a solid top (a fact that most guitar reviews agree is important in a beginning guitar) makes the Hohner a poor choice if you want to encourage your child to continue playing. Not only is the tone relatively poor (sounding more like a toy than anything else) it goes out of tune so easily that it is painful to listen to.

While parents may not be willing to fork over the kind of cash needed for a solid top guitar when they are uncertain as to whether or not their child is going to want to continue playing, choosing a different model, such as the
Yamaha CGS Student Classical Guitar 1/2-Size
(just $119 and the same size as the Hohner) can make a decided difference.

Mind you, the Yamaha costs $60+ more than the Hohner HAG-250P 1/2-Size Parlor Acoustic Guitar but the improvement in sound and its ability to hold its tune better makes the Yamaha a more logical choice.

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May 25, 2016
This guitar is a good NEW
by: zoo

This guitar is a good size for my 4 year old. It is kind of hard to tune, though, and it doesn't stay tuned very well. Good for the price, though.


Sep 23, 2012
A Cheap Guitar May Be a Non-Starter NEW
by: Guitar Guru

Don't be a tight wad. Your child may never want to progress in their guitar playing after experiencing this instrument.

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