Ibanez Acoustic Guitar: JamPack Solid-Top Guitar Pack

by Guitar Guru

”Great Value for a Beginning Guitar Pack”

The Ibanez JamPack Solid-Top Acoustic Guitar Pack is an exceptional choice for the beginning guitarist. For just ~$179 you not only get a V100S solid-top acoustic guitar, you also get a (modest) gig back, a (mediocre quality) electronic tuner, a guitar strap, picks, (low-quality) extra strings, an accessories pouch, and even an instructional DVD so that you can get started playing right away.

Acoustic guitar reviews and guitar sites consistently recommend that beginning guitarists purchase a solid-top guitar when first learning to play. The reasons behind the recommendation are many and varied, but Ibanez has listened to them, and gives you the V100S as an affordable, solid-top option for the guitarist who is just learning the ropes.

Made with a solid Canadian spruce top and mahogany back sides, the V100S has a rich, warm tone that is only enhanced by its being built on a dreadnought body. The depth and breadth of the dreadnought styling means that not only is your tone warm and rich, but you have great projection and volume as well.

One recommendation is that you replace the strings first thing before you begin playing. While it is nice of them to include extra strings in the guitar pack, the included strings do not show up the V100S at its best, and you can purchase (or order) an extra set of better quality strings for not a lot of extra money. You may also have to replace the bridge pins or nut in order to avoid the buzzing that tends to plague this model, but both are relatively easy to replace and fairly inexpensive to purchase. Avoid plastic pins, however, as they tend to emphasize the buzzing.

With a little TLC and patience, you’ll find that the V100S is a great beginner’s guitar and which, thanks to its solid spruce top, will actually sound better the longer you play it. So have fun, but be patient, the V100S is a work in progress, but will respond well to those who show interest.

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Oct 13, 2011
by: Graham

If solid top axes get any cheaper, before long they'll be paying you to take one. Reasons? 1: Lots of Chinese guitars...cheap labour. 2:There are carbon-fibre guitars which simply outclass the wooden ones. These 'graphite axes' require no special care, are much tougher than wooden ones, and sound 'WAAAAAAAAY better. They're also very easy to play. Still, a solid top ALWAYS beats a laminate in the tone department, so this is a fair 'starter'.

Oct 12, 2011
Great Value for a Beginning Guitar Pack
by: Guitar Guru

Great Value for a Beginning Guitar Pack

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