Jars of Clay's Matt Odmark Award-Winning Acoustic Guitarist

by Linda Wakefield Kelley

The members of the Christian Band Jars of Clay are all phenomenal musicians. However, Matt Odmark is quite the exceptional acoustic guitarist. In fact, in 2001, he won the award for "Best Acoustic Guitar" in the male category (at the Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards) beating out other greats including Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi, and Beck.

This video highlights Jars of Clay playing one of my favorite songs of theirs, "Love Song for a Savior." Matt is on the far left.

Jars of Clay - The Ultimate Songbook Sheet Music

I'm such a fan of Jars of Clay, I am outright promoting them with a
link to their Ultimate Songbook. The songbook includes "Love Song for a Saviour" and it indicates acoustic guitar chords for each piece.

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