John Williams, Farruca in D

by Fiverr
(Detroit, MI)

Flamenco style guitar songs have to be some of my favorite guitar music ever. Something about their energy always blows me away. While the term “Flamenco” was not recorded until the late 18th century, it is held that Flamenco music became a style in its own right in 15th century Spain where Gypsy, Byzantine, Sephardic and Moorish influences coalesced into the type of music that we know as Flamenco today.

The Farruca is a derivative of Flamenco, and while the Farruca is most usually played in the key of A minor, this particular piece (played by John Williams) is played in the key of D. The way the tonal qualities fall together, then twist apart and fall together again creates a piece that holds me in awe every time I hear it, making it one of my favorite pieces of guitar music.

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