Mahalo Ukulele: U-50G Student Ukulele

by Guitar Guru

”Very Basic Beginner Ukulele”

When it comes to bargains on beginner ukuleles, you can’t beat the price of the Mahalo U-50G Student Ukulele. Just the right size for little hands, this little number is also just the right price for parents who are afraid to spend too much on an instrument that their child may or may not continue to play past the time that it is unwrapped.

Made of laminated maple, the U-50 is dyed a dark mahogany brown to give it the look of koa, but it lacks the depth and richness of tone of koa. Furthermore, it is lacking when it comes to the resonance.

While the U-50 is decidedly inexpensive (just ~$38, including a gig bag) it does not have very high playing quality and is better off being used as a play prop. Or, perhaps it can be used as an inexpensive student model bought in bulk for a cash-strapped elementary music program. Indeed, while the price may be tempting, as a musical instrument the U-50 is lacking in many areas, including decent tone and quality construction.

Not only is the construction of the U-50 poor, the sound is tinny; something that even a change in strings fails to cure. While changing the strings helps, there is still a buzzing that you can’t get rid of. In fact, a full set of decent quality strings can run you close to half the price of the uke itself, which can be a bit off putting.

Indeed, you might be better off opting for the
Ibanez IUKS5 Ukulele Pack with Bag & Accessories
for $99. It’s an extra $61, but you will be far happier with the tone, and your young musician may be more inclined to continue their lessons if they have an instrument that actually stays in tune while they are playing; something that the Mahalo U-50G Student Ukulele fails to do.

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Jun 11, 2012
Very Basic Beginner Ukulele NEW
by: Guitar Guru

Very Basic Beginner Ukulele

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