Martin Acoustic Guitars: D15M Dreadnought

by Guitar Guru

”An All-Mahogany Classic”

The Martin D15M is a history buff’s dream. With a look of classic instruments of eras past, the sound this admittedly plain-looking gem produces will hold true for future generations.

The Martin D-15M has two things going for it, besides having classic lines and those little touches that marked great instruments during the pre-war era. The D15M is built on the Martin dreadnought platform but its uniqueness doesn’t end with the dreadnought’s deeper body and wider shoulders. It also has 14 open frets which gives it an unusually broad tone range. And speaking of tone…

Built with a top, back and sides of solid mahogany (thus the “M” after the model #), the D15M has an unbelievably strong tone with a subtle clarity that brings out each note without sacrificing the overall balance of the whole. While the D15M is particularly good for fingerstyle play, it can become a bit boxy sounding if strummed too hard. In pitch, the D15M reminds one of those classic recordings you hear of 1940’s guitarists. While some may say that it is a bit too ‘bright’, it will have the lovers of pre-WWII music grinning from ear-to-ear. If mahogany wood is not your thing, this guitar is also offered with a solid Sitka spruce top and rosewood body and sides as the Martin D15 Custom Spruce and Rosewood.

The tone and aesthetics won’t be the only thing that has you grinning; at $1,149 (including a hardshell case) the D15M is a guitar that will not only be a joy to play, but an investment for future generations.

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Nov 01, 2011
Martin entry level, but worth the money.
by: JRF

With the D 15M having bone nut and saddle and stated mah. on all areas Martin has a great sounding guitar. I played a used D 15 and then played the new d 15M at Willies and I walked away with the new one. No comparison to the old, which I had akways liked.

Not for Bluegrass and will not project well in a jam sessioin, bu for soft texture and tone where the notes stay blending for many seconds after being picked, this is the unit. My 82 year old mother said it best. After playing a few songs for her she said, 'I can hear three guitars coming from just one'. Yup, that is it.

Jun 06, 2011
An All-Mahogany Classic
by: Guitar Guru

An All-Mahogany Classic

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