Martin Acoustic Guitars: HD28V Vintage Dreadnought

by Guitar Guru

”The Grand Piano of Guitars with Spectacular ‘Boom’”

The Martin HD-28V Vintage Dreadnought Guitar has the style and panache of the most beautiful pre-WWII guitars and a tone that will leave you wanting to hear more.

It has been said that the days of American Quality Craftsmanship are over, but whoever said it had not yet played a Martin HD-28V. Martin has a reputation for building some of the best acoustic guitars available, and the HD-28V is no exception to the rule. While loaded with cosmetic appointments, the scalloped forward-shifted X-bracing allows the top to vibrate and makes this model truly outstanding.

This exquisite pre-war replica not only has the deep, rich sound that the Martin dreadnoughts have come to be known for, but a clarity of tone that puts one in mind of the very best in grand pianos so it will sound as good being played as it looks on its stand or on your wall.

While some may find the playability of the HD-28V to be a little stiff, like all well-made guitars, this one actually improves with age; both its tone and playability becoming smoother and richer the longer it is played.

Being a dreadnought, the size and depth of this beauty may not be manageable for everyone. But for those who can handle the reach, or for the vintage guitar enthusiast, the HD28V is a steal at ~$3,300 – including its deluxe Martin hardshell case. Don’t tell Martin, but I would pay $1,000 more for a quality guitar such as this!

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Dec 04, 2011
best guitar ever NEW
by: sam marlowe

The tone of this guitar is amazing. The hd-28v has a great feeling in your hands from the V- neck. This guitar have the best low notes of any guitar ive ever played. Some people say the base of the guitar is a little strong and over powering. But this guitar has a shocking amout of sound produced. Ive played at may gigs and found a mic is not need for your avg playing at the bar. The workmanship of this guitar is out standing. Its a bit high in price about 4220$ for a new one but for better sound quality buy a 8 to 9 nine year old one. This is becasue the age of the guitar amps up the sound and when the guitar hits 10 to 15 years old the price of the guitat jumps up past the new price of a new marthin HD-28V. Also the price between 8 to 9 years drops arround to 2500$ to arround 3500$. so you will get a better deal on it. This guitar also increases in price with more age i seen a 1960 HD-28V go for over 25,000$. over all this is a guitar for a serious guitar player and no matter where your at like in nashville. no musican will say its a crapy guitar and ull notice a form of respect when carrieing it.

Aug 29, 2011
The Martin HD28LSV is a Canon
by: Bob Gelb (Chicago)

Originally purchased the guitar because of the unusual low price and planned to sell and make a few dollars. 6 months to sweeten it up with 24/7 noise pumped into it, a setup, fret leveling and edge filing, the action was lowered, and voicing adjusted to balance mid-tones & treble. Took the ax home, sat and played it and couldn't believe my ears listening to one of the best sounding guitars I have ever owned. Stopped by a luthier in Chicago and asked his opinion; answer was "WOW" one the best.

The fit and finish is impeccable, if you want or need volume the HD28LSV is a canon, and resonates forever.

The designation, "LSV", stands for 'Large Soundhole Vintage'. This means the wood inside the soundhole rosette has been trimmed away, like Clarence White's old D-28.

Aug 15, 2011
Best Guitar Money Can Buy
by: clinton g ratliff (Vansant,VA)

best guitar money can buy

Jun 09, 2011
The Grand Piano of Guitars with Spectacular ‘Boom’
by: Guitar Guru

The Grand Piano of Guitars with Spectacular ‘Boom’

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