Microphone Reviews
Quality Voice Microphones plus Amplifier

Finding all the microphone reviews confusing? I am shopping for a quality voice microphone and amplifier for my 9-year old daughter and didn't find the reviews online very helpful. So, here's what I discoved after speaking to a sound and audio specialist.

Voice Microphones

Shure SM58 Mic : Excellent Quality-for-Price Microphone, $99

Shure SM58 Mic, Stand and Cable Package: For only an additional $10, get the cables and stand! $109

Shure PG48-LC, Stand & Cable Package: Here's the cheaper option, although the microphone is not nearly as good, $37


Behringer EUROLIVE B212D Active PA Speaker System: Includes mixer within the speaker. Only 1 input available, $229
. If you want more plug-in options, just buy this mixer: Behringer Xenyx 502 Mixer for $49.

Phonic Powerpod 410/S710 PA Package: Amplifer, mixer, microphone and chord option. I didn't care for the separate mixer, but it certainly is a bargain package! $199

Roland KC-350 120W Keyboard Mixing Amp: Willing to spend more money for a quality system. Can't go wrong with this Roland! $549

Portable System

Behringer Europort EPA40 Handheld PA System: All-in-one portable system. $108

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