Seagull Guitars: S12

by Don
(Vic Canada)

I bought one about 15 years ago, came into a financial surprise and had to sell it... Now long after my 'missing' playing came to pass, I bought another 12-string Seagull S12. Nice clarity and tonal qualities beautiful finish. Mine is the soft lacquered one. I took that one as I'm partial to that style of finish and its discrete sounds from the guitar.

My son actually got me hooked on a 12 string and his happened to be an earlier model without the pickup. I was in love. I had a 6 string that didn't fill the bill and after playing his I bought my first one.. then my second.. that should be enough of an indication as to how pleasing both in price (Canadian under $700) and in the appearance.

I'm totally happy with the guitar although I had thought that a position for a strap would have come into the construction of the guitar and for that I miss a strap. I bought one and am looking at hooking it up to the cord plug-in at the back and perhaps a string type of affair around the headstock. It's not a heavy guitar so I feel that there would be an ok place to tie one up. Other than that its been a beautiful experience owning one...

I'd suggest to anyone who is looking for a 12 string to go to a dealer and play one...if its not in new condition find a new one.. this is what you'll be listening to for the first months of ownership.. good luck. Don

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Dec 18, 2011
Gulls NEW
by: Graham

I am very partial to Godin instruments in general and Seagulls in particular. These people enjoy a well-deserved reputation for building superior guitars at affordable prices. Don't let the low pricepoint mislead you. Seagull guitars are as good as or better than many costing much, much more. If you're planning on buying an acoustic guitar, and you DON'T try a 'Gull, you're doing yourself a dis-service....6 or 12 string, seagulls are solid VALUE.

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