Takamine Guitars: FXC G260C

by Guitar Guru

“Finger-Stylist’s Delight”

The Takamine G FXC G260C is perfect for those who prefer finger-style playing. Lightweight and smaller-bodied than its larger brothers, the G FXC G260C and guitars like it have been used by stage musicians who are looking for an instrument that not only sounds great, but that is comfortable to play while moving about in front of an audience. Takamine’s “FXC Body type” is very close to the traditional Grand Concert guitar proportions.

As far as looks, the Brown Sunburst design is highly attractive and will look good no matter where you are playing, be it a stage or on the beach. And with a price of just $249, the G FXC G260C is a great value for a guitar in this price range.

With a delicate tone, the G FXC G260C is awesome when it comes to the high-notes, superb for finger-style playing, and the spruce top gives it a balanced tone, though it is lacking in the bass register due to its smaller size. This model holds up well for medium strumming. However, if it is strummed too hard it can actually sound a bit tinny, so be gentle with it.

In fact, if you use a pick, you will need to use extreme care, because the tinny sound will be amplified, reinforcing the fact that while this model is a great choice for those who prefer finger-style playing, it may not be the best option for those who prefer to use a pick.

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Apr 29, 2011
Finger-Stylist’s Delight
by: Guitar Guru

Finger-Stylist’s Delight

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